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  1. Yup, 3 tamas! TPBM: knows both of my first names?
  2. I made this exact topic a little while ago. Would this be considered bumping?
  3. Your cuppycake eats you. XDD I press the purple and green striped button.
  4. Mine is programmed on my phone. It's called 'Digital Ring'. When Kim calls me, it's 'Because You' . When Shelby calls me its'Mania'. My mom bought one online for herself. It's 'American Boy' by Astelle feat. Kayne West. I'll edit my post in a sec if i find a Youtube vid of it. found it! her tone is the chorus.
  5. you turn into a big red button. I press the purple-with-pink-polkie-dots button!
  6. Wow. No. There's a hyphen in between, try again.
  7. You didn't post it! Mine begins:K I have 2 firsties. Try to guess both. Second one:A
  8. Ast. (astronomer) Lol, does IHW mean in hot water? if it is, i figured it out! Who is your crush?
  9. I have a dA account, but i'm not sure how to make a drawing to put on there. Can someone pleaz help? Oh, and I absolutely LOVE The tutorial thingy. Another idea could be Ichigotchi!
  10. uhh-can i skip that one? XD Do u think im random?
  11. huh lol -it still worked even though u didnt do one. Do u think im nice?
  12. Yep! Demi Lovato. There's a girl at my school who's last name is Lovato. Won on American Idol and has been a star since like 2004 or so. Brown hair, mentioned on several T.V. shows.