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  1. hcjkirky


    how du u debug it?
  2. hcjkirky

    your regular adult

    i love mametchi its so cute
  3. hcjkirky

    HANATCHI'S!!!!! WWEE!!!

    its cool cos its cute yet kinda scary
  4. hcjkirky

    What version is mine?

    when did u buy it (if it has more than 2 games, more than 2 food options and 2 options for connection then its v2)
  5. hcjkirky

    Whats your Tamagotchi doin right now?

    mines connecting with my sisters
  6. hcjkirky

    How do you beat the dance game?

    after about 30 different directions fireworks come up and u win lol
  7. hcjkirky

    how many tamagotchis do you own

    i had 2 tamagotchis but my bro got angry and filled up the sink and lest it in and i dint notcie so now i have 1
  8. hcjkirky


    i think uve got to check it like every 15 mins cos i did that and mines sooooooooooooooo cute and its a teen, i think u have to like do things before it beeps for attention, like play with it all the time and make sure its not hungry and ure chance it greatly insreased if u get the training up high lol hope this helps
  9. hcjkirky

    What is it?

    yea ive had one of them, its either the best or the middle of the unhealthy chareactors u can get, i thought i had been lookin after mine great until i foud this out..,.hmmm but if u lookk after the next g u might get a really cute 1!
  10. hcjkirky


    i think its great ure gonna get 1. if u wanted a bit more money u cud ask ure dad if u can do odd jobs around the house for a little more money. it might work and anythings better than havin to wait lol im so impatient.
  11. hcjkirky

    Version 2

    ive got a transparent pink one called sam9 i let my brother name it cos he was sad)
  12. hcjkirky


    i think its kinda scary
  13. hcjkirky

    what is it doin?

    yea its yawning they look so cute wen they do that lol
  14. hcjkirky

    join now

    ill join
  15. hcjkirky


    heyy ill join