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    i like any kind of tamas , tamatalk , any other tama sites , meeting new friends online and at home , speaking to online and not online friens and trampolining

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  1. im absolutely sick to death of teachers confiscating my tama and yes i have tried all of those tips but our teachers are sooo sneaky they can sniff them off a mile away!! anyway thanks for the tips ally xx101
  2. the store sale is on mine now and its the 22nd of march *i just checked the time!!) but i think it just comes on and off at any times ally xx -
  3. i got a genie lamp , but it never give my hanatchi anything!! i dont think it was that expensive though (hmmm maybe the sale was on??)
  4. no offence , but i think youre spamming yourself , this topic has been posted about 3million times , and if you knew this was in the wrong topic then why post it in this topic?? _alison101_ *no offence*
  5. it wrecked up my version 1 anyway so , im not sue if id debbug my tama now
  6. yeah ! the v2 batterys run out sooo quickly you can get them in supermarkets and ebay sell them too!
  7. no offence but doesnt everyone know that!
  8. i only had a minor glitch but i didnt know what happened , it was last year!
  9. i cant wait until v3's come out in the uk!!! i want the ice cream one !! what do yoou think the new characters will be like??
  10. i cant wait for the chatroom to be fixed......its really great but i think the site is fine without the chatroom...this site rocks!
  11. yeah..i agree with dark core but i think dating on the net and posting bad language is not good
  12. i like the ice cream one the best.....i could juct tuck into one now.mmmmmmmmmmm
  13. hi , i hear there is going to be a version 3 tamagotchi coming out soon!! can anyone tell me if this true?? i also hear the v3 tamas are coming out next month!! but im not sure it is coming out in the U.S.A or the U.K?? id be very greatful if anyone could help me out...... thank you ally101 xxx
  14. do you mean a growth chart you can try