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  1. Oh really? That sucks.. I really wanted to see all the dumb stuff I posted when I was like 9 haha. Thanks for your help though.
  2. Hello everyone, it's been a couple years since I've been on here, and thought I would come back. Wow- a lot has changed since then. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to go back and look at my old posts but it isn't letting me. Is anyone else having this problem? Could it be because my posts are too old?
  3. its for everyday. and wow that sounds confusing
  4. so school just started.. if you are a middle or high schooler wat is your schedule? this is mine 8:25-8:35 homeroom 8:38-9:23 health 9:26-10:11 social studies 10:14-10:44 lunch (i know its so early!! ><) 10:47-11:32 pre algebra 11:35-12:20 language arts 12:23-1:06 art 1:11-1:56 reading 1:59-2:44 science
  5. If lip gloss counts then yeah... I wear it almost everyday
  6. You might have stomach flu. i had stomach flu and it went away in a day. however if it continues for more than a couple days, see a doctor!!
  7. She dances in front of my friends. She's terrible.