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    MY username is pika_witch2 *edit: note that your neopets password is NOT being asked for and it should NOT be given out to anyone *
  2. _ _ '''>''' Me very sad me lost file waaaaaaaaaaah! /\
  3. No replys?<(==)> <- Kirby is depressed
  4. I lostmy account blue_butterfly692. I have a new one called loving_isaka i made today.But i miss my old one it had 1,500,000 np.
  5. Can anyone help me find one?and tell me where the hidden castle thingy is to buy it i forgot.
  6. Does anyone have a boby paint brush or faerie paintt brush?
  7. by going to games and then puzzles or luck/chance and click on treasure peices i think
  8. Click and it's easier getting a username than neopets
  9. My guild is Girl dreams /\ /\ (^-^) <|* |> ! !
  10. It's fun and easy, just click *edit: referral link removed*. You have to have an email adress or your parents/guardian and tell your info so it's easy like eating pie.