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  1. I ban GotchiGuy because he needs money
  2. I ban Tamagirl#1 (groan) for banning me AGAIN rofl ~Confuzed
  3. I ban Tamagotchi girl#1 for eating ice-cream... ~Confuzed~
  4. because they're blueXD Why does tamatalk rule? ~Confuzed~
  5. because its there! jk because your mom loves rough thingsXD Why do i bother to go to school? ~Confuzed~
  6. I ban Tamagirl#1 for saying mimitchi lover is smellyXD
  7. Im Taiwanese so i know Mandarin... and I live in Thailand so i know Thai...I go to an international i know how to speak middle school we get to learn another language...i chose French..^^
  8. its alrite counting the fact dat i have loads of homework then its NOT alrite
  9. I know how you feel cuz i have the same problem right now i guess i have to find the costume code again....
  10. And maybe we need to do several things before we get a certain wallpaper ~*Confuzed*~
  11. Im not sure either maybe when it is still and egg and you have to press certain buttons?
  12. Welcome, right you are Bubbles! O yeah and if you do that you will get wat? umm o yeah training points...Sorry havnt played tama in a while... ~*Confuzed*~
  13. How many training points do you have?And your gfs?
  14. Did you pause it? Mines was like that b4