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  1. Confuzed

    The Banning Game!

    I ban GotchiGuy because he needs money
  2. Confuzed

    The Banning Game!

    I ban Tamagirl#1 (groan) for banning me AGAIN rofl ~Confuzed
  3. Confuzed

    The Banning Game!

    I ban Tamagotchi girl#1 for eating ice-cream... ~Confuzed~
  4. because they're blueXD Why does tamatalk rule? ~Confuzed~
  5. because its there! jk because your mom loves rough thingsXD Why do i bother to go to school? ~Confuzed~
  6. Confuzed

    The Banning Game!

    I ban Tamagirl#1 for saying mimitchi lover is smellyXD
  7. Confuzed

    Are you learning a language if so what language?

    Im Taiwanese so i know Mandarin... and I live in Thailand so i know Thai...I go to an international i know how to speak middle school we get to learn another language...i chose French..^^
  8. Confuzed

    How is your life?

    its alrite counting the fact dat i have loads of homework then its NOT alrite
  9. Confuzed

    Beartbeat dictates win/loss?

    Yeah or maybe it just wana win..
  10. Confuzed

    My items were replaced.... BY 16 BALLS!

    I know how you feel cuz i have the same problem right now i guess i have to find the costume code again....
  11. Confuzed


    And maybe we need to do several things before we get a certain wallpaper ~*Confuzed*~
  12. Confuzed


    Im not sure either maybe when it is still and egg and you have to press certain buttons?
  13. Confuzed

    my tama is ignoring me

    Welcome, right you are Bubbles! O yeah and if you do that you will get wat? umm o yeah training points...Sorry havnt played tama in a while... ~*Confuzed*~
  14. Confuzed


    How many training points do you have?And your gfs?
  15. Confuzed

    Age wont move!

    Did you pause it? Mines was like that b4