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  1. Mine is diamonds_and_jewels@hotmail.co.uk PLZ ADD ME NE1!
  2. Yeah, I think the guide is a really good idea! Keep going! I'll help a little, by giving you some information. Tips for not getting ur tama confiscated during school: 1. Keep it in a small bag, purse or pocket. 2. Turn off the sound. 3. PAUSE it if you don't want to miss anything or 4. Leave it at home. 5. Leave it on clock mode. General tips: 1.Don't let your tama's happiness or hunger meter go below 2 hearts, otherwise it may not turn out to be a good tama character. 2. Never decorate your tama with nail polish. I tried it and... ...wasted £12.99... 3. The mathmaker come from age 6-10 at 10:59, 2:59 and 6:59. You have to wait 1 minute. I can't think of anything else at the mo. Hope this works!
  3. wow! that actually sounds like it might work!
  4. sorry? you would ask him? maybe i should...
  5. Hi. So 2day there was this guy ive fancied 4 ages, and well, id had enuf of watching and wanted doing, so i tld my m8 2 tell him. She did, but now my whole year knows! I don't mind they're only curious. No, I'm worried because I should have waited longer, we sit next 2 each other in English and we get along OK, but i dont no how he's going 2 react wen i c him. I'm also not tht popular so he might not ask me out. But, as i sed, we get along so... well he might ask me out. BIG MAYBE. but mostly not. sry 2 write u this essay but I NEED HEEELLLLLLPPP!!!!!!!! Plz reply, I don't no wat 2 DOOO! Girls - you may no, you may have been in this position b4 Guys- Yo may no with... your boy phycology... Bye!
  6. Hi! I've tried using this on my friends' tamagotchi as well as my sister's, brother's and my own. This is how you get good stuff: 1. You obviously have to get a genie bottle. 2. Go on to your items list and select it whenever you like. 3. Keep on pressing the B button. This works 9/10 times. It didn't work once because I forgot to press the button as soon as it came on.
  7. Hi again everyone!!! Thanks for the conformation EllaCasey, and the Love Potion code is BCBACABA for you, Tamgotchi10 but it will only work if you have a V2 tamagotchi. amercian_idiot_29,i have a V2 if your question was directed at me. Vicky Liu I'm sorry if you had to read that again. I'm just trying to help! Bye everyone! Tam! P.S. Nice webbie EllaCasey!
  9. Hey everyone! Here's the code that you may be looking for! If not, it's still a great tip to remember when typing in the codes. When you are typing in the codes, remember to do the codes for the items you'd like the most leaving out the one you like the least until the end eg. I like the love potion the best so i do that 1st, then next I like the costume so I do that 2nd etc.The one you like the least (the last one) will be replaced by the last 'rare' item, the 2nd costume. If you do the love potion last it would be deleted. Bye everyone, Tammy.
  10. I THINK THIS IS TERRIBLE!!! They should not be doing this!!! From tam_jeewon.