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  1. No i dont think they are alive. They are dots on a screen . But i still love my tamas Sammy96
  2. Your best bet is just to wait for the king to come and give u money.
  3. Read my forum on gotchi points for music star there is lots of replys with information. Its by Sammy96 and i think it basically says How to make gotchi points? On music star. Hope I helped Sammy96
  4. Well Tag passed away and i woke up to a crying baby boy. So i named him Patrick, fed him and played games. Then i paused him to go to school. I came home and unpaused him and fed him again and i went downstairs to do my homework and i completly forgot about my tama so i ran upstairs my tama evovled in to a Kuchitamatchi! The 1st time i've ever had that tama! Unfortunatley the happy and hunger heart were empty and there were 3 poops. So i fed him meals and snacks and clened up the poop. He is now 25g which is ok here is Patricks stats: Name-Patrick Age-0 Weight-25 Hunger-Full Happy-Full Stress-0 Tone-249 Rhythm-249 Original-253 Music-Classical Type-Kuchitamatchi Gen-2 Gotchi points-5758400
  5. I honestly did not understand anything in your thread!
  6. Nothing really happend today. My tama was paused while i was at school so when i came home i unpaused it and Tags family were fine. All i done today was buy food out the shop, do concerts and Tag played the guitar. This is my last night with tag im so sad. He was my 1st character on music star and such a cute one to. And he is sleeping so im not going to be able to even see him again. Well i will post tomorrow about my brand new baby boy! Im just going to tell u my rhythm,original and tone is all 999 and hunger and happyness is full. So the family is happy and healthy Bye-bye from Tags family and me Remember P.M me whenever you need any help! Hmm im going to miss Tag
  7. I know i got mine last Monday (19th) and i got the one exclusivley from argos its the pink clear one with music notes on it. Its so cool! Sammy96
  8. Guess what! Tag got married!!! At 4.30pm to a.. well i dont know but shes cute! Its a little baby boy they had and its so cool your looking after 3 tamas. I will miss Tag when he goes..but i will have patrick (the baby) thats what i decided to call him. I bought some food out the shop and i bought hair gel, deluxe pudding and other stuff i cant remember, its so funny when tag and his wife puts the stuff on! Tag also got 3 awards an asian, rock n roll and a r n b one and there for 1st star ranking. My v5 died but i restarted but im not going to log the stuff cos half the time its on pause. Well i will be looking after a new baby in 2 days. A min ago the baby, Tag and wifey were all in the shower it was soo cute! Heres the stats: Age-5 Weight-45 Happy-full Hunger-full Stress-0 Tone-966 Rhythm-999 Original-999 Type Music-Asian Gp-11546100 P.M me when ever you need! For now-Tag,Patrick (baby) and wifey says: Goodbye!
  10. When the band manager comes on the music star and asks u if u want to mate does it take long to do this like click accept and stuff cos i am at school and if i am in my bag for long my teacher will get suspicious. If i takes quite long if i click no when the band manager comes will he come back at half 4 the same day?? Could someone also tell me will the sound go off when ur tama plays an instrument i seen a post in a forum saying that! Please reply as soon as possible this is urgent!! Its 10.40pm here in uk and i have school tomorrow! Sammy96
  11. Nothing much happend today with Tag. He done his concert's, ate and pooped lol typical rockstar! I bought Tag some food at the shop i also bought a toy car he rides about in he's so cute! I bought a bow i couple of hours ago but didnt have a chance to use it. I was at my friends house tonight and kind of forgot about Tag so when we were watching tv i remembered my tama so i got it out my pocket. He had only dropped 1 heart of happyness and done a poop. So i cleaned it up and fed him. Tomorrow i will be taking tag to school and hiding him in my bag so i hope i dont neglect him to much! Check my forum on tips and tricks called.. A couple of tips,on how to hide ur tama in school by sammy96 it might be quite far down the 1st page. Im not going to gives Tags stats because he is sleeping but i know his hunger and happyness is full and he is 4 yrs old (will turn 5 in a couple of hours). Please P.M if you need any help or want to comment on my log! P.S.-My tama is 5 yrs old tomorrow so the band manager will come and a.k.a. matchmaker!
  12. Yes i know but its so cool you have both the adults looking after the baby thats like the 1st tama since the v1 that has every done that (i think anyway)!
  13. Make sure you are not running any other programme's just tamatown because mine wouldn't load it took ages so i closed down every other page eg-tamatalk,msn and just stayed on tamatown and it loaded straight away! Hope I helped Sammy96
  14. Does that mean till they die you are looking after 3 tamas!That will be so cool!