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    HYAUGH!!!!!I like to watch AzuManga Daioh. *spaces out* LoL I take afta' Osaka. I like to watch Lucky STar. I take afta' Konata and Tsukasa.<br>I got bad gramer. Oh jeez...<br><br>friends(measley amount a' 2):<br>~Acid_Rain~<br>Crystalized<br><br>≈[: <(o)' :]≈ <br> ^^^Leaf Headband<br>WHO LIKES ANIME!!!!????!!!!????<br>I love Hannah Montana!!!!

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  1. Nope, I'm 11. I guess that Kayte Kathy Katrina is 14.
  2. Neither, they both suck. But, if i had to vote, Jacob. he's the only decent character in that series.
  3. OMG. I HATE TWILIGHT. I could rant for HOURS about the books and the movie. I hateithateit HATEIT!!!!!!! All its about is Edward and Bella's so-called love, and vampire scares at the end.
  4. I KNOW! It's terrible that its ending D:
  5. Oh gee....I dont know......... Now my turn! baby I know that you like me you my future wifey Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Yeah You can be my Bonnie I can be your Clyde You can be my wife, text me, call me
  6. For the above...8/10 For the quote...10/10 The anime is pokemon just so you know. I don't know why i dont like it. I just dont.