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  1. Yay, my Dragon Quest pet has arrived! Now to wait on an Angelgotch, Plus Colour, and 2 off-brand pets from Ali express!

  2. Ooh, I got an Angelgotch! Woohoo! My vintage collection goal has been reached!

    1. Tamadonut



    2. ksh12july34


      congrats! The Angel is so fun!


  3. Ok, onto the 5th generation. A girl. Oh, come on now! Miss Hispemetchi spent her final day as a park patrol helper. She finally nabbed a job! Then she nabbed a date with the knight. Her second one. The guy proposed. She accepted. They got married and she has a baby girl. Naturally, she parents the kid for 20 seconds and then gets sick of mummyhood. She deposits the kid in my care and takes off. Typical! So here we are, restarting the circle of life. I swear the circle is really a turntable. Now I see those Disney characters dressed in hats and big tee shirts with the labels blurred and sunglasses and pants that are almost on the floor, so badly do they sag! Oh good grief! Belts, belts, baby! Toddler is still asleep. She'll be awake pretty soon, however, and I can't wait to see what happens. I appreciate you guys for sticking around and giving me a reason to do these logs again! May there always be a Tama Talk for us to enjoy! See ya next time! Belts, belts, baby! Fin.
  4. Obviously I'm running a P's. It's pink. Not my favourite colour. I'll live with it. 4th Generation is currently a Hispemetchi. 4th girl. She evolved into a Hispemetchi and looked like a Hershey's Kiss at first. Great, she's dirty! One good bath later and we're all set! (item: I've had 3 Hispemetchi and 1 Kirarichi so far.) I put her into school. A cooking class. Nice! No job for her yet says the blue-skinned dude in the park. What the heck? A few hours later and she's on her first date with the guy in a suit of armour. (item: I swear to heck these Tamas have it easy when it comes down to dating!) Yeah, and a few more hours later, Miss Hispemetchi, jobless and already with one date under her belt (the lucky chick!) is in bed. Sweet! I can get a break. If you've enjoyed this so far, then I'll be sure to add more very soon. Fin.
  5. A few days ago, I had my very first video chat with my fiancé! That made me extremely happy!
  6. Woohoo! Finally purchased the Baby Pierce for my Tama P's! 23 dollars on Amazon, not bad! The wait will be long, but worth it!

  7. Ooh, an 8 in 1 Mini Pet for only 8 bucks! Great price, I'll take it! *checks out*

  8. Running my P's right now. How awesomesauce!

    1. DoobyDoobytchi66


      great Tama! I have three now, got em all used and they work great:

    2. tamapalace
  9. Recently I found the same shell as my first actual Tama. It's green with yellow stripes and black buttons. It's a P2 as well.
  10. Got some Tama mail today! My Power Palz dog has made it and is running alongside my Tama Chibi, 4U, and P's. So many pets to care for! :)

    1. DoobyDoobytchi66


      Yeah, fun though isn´t it? I have 12 running right now! Just the color ones. I need to get the Tama Sukus going again, I have 4 and there is so much more info now.

    2. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Nice haul there! G;ad they made it!

  11. Apparently I was away and missed that I had joined Tama Talk 10 years ago last year in November. Ah well, it happens! I'm still glad to be here, no matter what happens.
  12. The Chibi might be very limiting but I still like it. I might check out into getting one of the new special edition ones.
  13. Such is why I used the past tense in my observations. Time has certainly changed and I'm personally glad that odd pets are no longer criticized as clones, copies, and knock-offs. I might keep a log on my Power Palz. Too bad I didn't get two, I heard they can marry and mix species. That might have been neat to experiment with! Ah well, there's always an opportunity to pick up another one on the cheap down the road!
  14. Happy Independence Day! If you're not in the USA, then have a nice day. :)

  15. Molly, my dog, always makes me happy! And today I made my favourite Orange Spice tea cos it's like a furnace today!