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  1. Ok you want to take your tama completely apart. What i mean is first take off the back with a screw driver and remove the battery. You need to remove the four tiny screws in each corner. Then when it should like something likeThis (First and Second pictures) Sorry that's the best i could find. After that let it dry for about a couple days or so. Then simply put it back together! //CBC
  2. You need to enter the code in the shop. To do that, go to the shop, then press A until the shop keeper looks surprised. Then enter the following: A, C, B, B, B, A, C, C. (A the first button, B the second, and C the third) Hope i helped! ~CBC
  3. Cool i found some much bigger pictures! Here they are! Enjoy!
  4. My Top Ten: 1. Welcome To The Black Parade-My Chemical Romance Click To See The Video! 2. I Write Sins Not Tragedies-Panic At The Disco 3. Miss Murder-AFI 4. The Diary Of Jane-Breaking Benjamin 5. Call Me When You're Sober-Evanescence 6. Face Down-The Red Jumpsuit Appartus 7. Bat Country-Avenged Sevenfold 8. Bring Me To Life-Evanescence 9. Dance, Dance-Fall Out Boy 10. Saying Sorry-Hawthorne Heights
  5. This is what works 100% of the time for me: 1.For a boy from the matchmaker: Watch for the first time she vistits. When she brings a partner for the first time, say "No" when it asks "Love" Watch for the second time she comes and say "Yes" when it asks "Love" 2. For a girl from the matchmaker: Same thing, but instead of waiting for the second time, say yes on the very first time when it asks love? I've never heard of such a silly thing as pressing the A or B button when the book is opened or closed. I have to admit it's a complicated thing to figure out.
  6. Mine is at the end of February. I'm also waking up at 7 am i'm going to celebrate my last 23 minutes of being 13! I was born at 7:23 am Feb. 25th
  7. To get rid of items in your "items" list: go to the book icon at the bottom. Select present, then item. Select the item you want to delete, press the B button, and then the A button. (A is the first, B is the second) It will ask if you want to trash the item. Say "yes". I know how you feel i didn't figure this out until recently!
  8. You should post that in the reference section. By the way, there's already a v4 character chart that a guide made already. You may want to ask before posting it there though.
  9. To get a boy from the matchmaker: You say no when it asks "Love" on the second time she comes. To get a girl from the matchmaker: You say yes when it asks "Love" on the very first time she vistits.
  10. That's very cool! My question is how do you get souvenir #32 and where is it found? Someone said you get it from your grand-parents, but i need to ask someone who knows for sure where you get it! ~CBC~
  11. Yes it's true that the matchmaker comes again when your tama is an oldie. Sometimes if you pause your tama alot, it may iterfere with the aging process. Like i have a who is three and is married. But it should really be like five or six. So your tama can be really sixteen years old already even though it may say its only eleven. You should be getting a visit from the matchmaker soon!