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  1. i got the virus ages ago, but im just warning ppl in case the dont have virus protection.
  2. sorry its not u its the people who r ju s t being annoying.
  3. its just dumb and stupid and every1 knows that there are only 5 codes 4 v2
  4. can i be a t5amagotchi agony aunt? lol
  5. if u have virus protection, youre fine, but if you don't, then you might be in trouble.
  6. i said it was invision free not tamatalk
  7. Look, you lot dont understand! I'm just trying to help! Its probably not tamatalk, its invisionfree. BUT IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY THAT. I SWEAR IT IS A VIRUS. I HAD TO GET A NEW COMPUTER. ASK User Name or Tammy16. IT IS A VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I dont think they should be banned, because it is a way of showing how we feel, and it will prevent even more fighting if they are both sorry.
  9. Please could someone reply or help? You dont want a virusy tamatalk do you? It is a BAAD SERIOUS virus.
  10. Dear People When i go on tamatalk, it always says about:blank at the bottom. IT IS A BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD VIRUS. I HAD TO GET A NEW COMPUTER. Please could you help admin? if it gets virusy then no one can go on tamatalk any more!!!!!! Tammy Mad