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  1. 4/10 (smartalek) NOW, you mentioned. mametchi_411
  2. yeah i know!!! They make it so low quality, it's so cheap. But I'll deal with it.
  3. um, HELLO! THIS IS IN THE WEBKINZ TALK SECTION! IT'S ABOUT WEBKINZ! DUH! sorry...it's just for your own good.
  4. ok i want to know, if you make an account... a year later, does it just retire or can you buy anouther to save it?
  5. elea630


    hey i can help take care of it... just look at my topic.
  6. opps... and i asked people to PM me.
  7. i hate the robber! he keeps stealing from me! *bang bang bang*
  8. i guess 4.5 because the games seem really raidically cool...in a way...
  9. yeah that's totally the v4 one, in case you never really listened, or you are deaf in an ear! sorry! hehe...
  10. don't worry...i'll only get 'cha money!!! after all... MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY! It rox!
  11. THAT'S WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE? I never wanted to know...
  12. I will be helping until I get one, say, christmas? mametchi_411 and I'll share it!
  13. ok, i'd like to help on someone's webkinz! just PM me the data: USER PASS and... CODE(secret code, optional) thank you all very much.
  14. I'm not loctoce and tolerent! ok, i have to post short cause i rally need to go!