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  1. Tamagotchi's Name: Daisy Tamagotchi's Age: 8 Date of Birth: 6/22/07 Date of Passing: 6/29/07 What Generation? 22 Your Comments: I'm sorry i forgot about Daisy. i left her at home when i went to atlanta, ga and when i called my mom yesterday it was too late (sobs and blows nose in tissue.)
  2. dat happens when ur tama is an adult and if u feed it 2 much.
  3. the matchmaker comes once a day. PM ME IF YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND!
  4. They have 2 be at least 6-8 yrs 4 theMatchMaker 2 come.
  5. If you see another tamagotchi with a book in her hand then yes the matchmaker is here.