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    I'm a 23 year old female who loves to build computers, play with toys and not act her age.<br><br>Things I enjoy: Reading, mystery thrillers, anime, video games, MegaManX, Sailormoon, cosplay, cats, coffee, scented candles, World of Warcraft, music, spending money, the internet, computers and of course, Tamagotchis :)<br><br>Tamagotchi's Owned: 28<br>Types of Tamagotchi's: 3 Pluses, 3 V1 Connexions, 5 V1 Connections, 2 Keitai's, 2 V2's, 2 V3's, 3 V4's, 2 V5.5's, 1 Entama, 1 Uratama, 1 TamaSchool, 1 Ocean, 1 Angel, 1 Gen1.

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  1. Light blue satin pajamas with dark blue polka dots
  2. Well........ when I was in 7th grade I went to a Hanson concert xD That was about 11 years ago! The only other concert I went to was Warped Tour in 2003 (Senior year of high school). SO much fun!! I went crowd surfing while Alkaline Trio was playing (My favorite band at the time).. and the mosh pit during MxPx's show was insane.
  3. Salted cashews mmm... Or maybe cookie dough. Ironically I LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough, but I don't like chocolate chip cookies hehe.
  4. I do my shopping online since I'm disabled and..well.. getting around the mall is too hard nowadays I shop from the Gap, Victorias Secret (They have such gorgeous clothes), American Eagle, for clothes. I spend a lot of money at GameStop, NewEgg, various candle shops, Bath and Body Works, and Amazon and eBay
  5. Like many other responders to this post, I can handle chat speak to a point. I use wtf/h, rofl, lmao, lol, omg but not things like u, 2 for to/too, etc. I usually use a lot of smileys for some reason.. always have But not more than like two or three per post.
  6. 7th grade at my schools 7th and 8th grade dance... The boy I liked and who I wanted to dance with was in 8th grade. My friends went up to the DJ guy and requested a song for me and him to dance to, and he wouldn't do it OMG I was so mortified! But then this other guy I had been friends with for a few years came up to me and asked me to dance.. then we started dating for a while
  7. I've seen many many animes, and have read many many manga in my life.. my favorite will always be Sailor Moon I still sit through all 200 episodes and the movies all the time. It's great to watch subtitled, but a horror to watch dubbed.
  8. I'm also starting to think that it just depends on the area you live too heh. I've never heard 'spider bites' before by anyone, but it makes sense
  9. I've also heard piercers (And my friends who have two side by side piercings) refer to them as snake-bites as long as they are two piercings next to each other somewhere on the body
  10. Yup. It can either refer to having each side of your lip pierced, or even both sides of your tongue pierced... My friend had two in her tongue, and while I don't like tongue piercings much.. they looked really awesome actually
  11. • - - - What are you going as? Not dressing up this year... Last time I went trick or treating I dressed up as the Cat in the Hat though. • - - - Do you still trick or treat? I wish! I finally stopped trick or treating when I was 17 • - - - Have any parties to go to? Nope! Just a normal day for me! • - - - Planning your own? Nah. • - - - Other plans? Uhm..... I'll be spending the night in my room with my pets, on the computer and playing video games I would go trick or treating with my nieces or my nephew for the fun of it... but since becoming disabled a few years ago, that would be impossible unfortunately.
  12. For blogging stuff For computer stuff For buying stuff I don't need And of course, TamaTalk
  13. I love Kuchipatchi most... but I also like Tarakotchi also. Kuchipatchi definitely wins cutest in my book though
  14. Too hard to pick just one I love all of them.