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  1. hi ryta.k2 Mine has always had plenty of friends and it doesn't do it now but you might be right i'm not sure
  2. hi tamamum its excacly the same with me thanks
  3. hi Kat_the_tamagotchi It sits down and you see seagulls and the water is swaying when its at the beach.
  4. Hi tolly it wasn't the matchmaker because it was a teenager and it sat down and wathched it but thanks for the suggestion
  5. hi newguykaizer,yours has no name yet
  6. Hi mostly perfect but just a little bad care just a little!
  7. hi you know how the mimitchi how it always says its the smartest well 2cd smartest and everyone adores it its because its cute and pretty
  8. Hi tama22 i don't mean to be rude but the one who looks like this is bad care!
  9. I had an elder once it was alive so long and i got sick of it so i reset it
  10. My friend had that , does it look funny with items
  11. my connexion version 1 is higher then my version 2 but i'm not sure if its really there heartbeat
  12. I am desprate for the fairy character how do you get it?
  13. Hi, my v1 tama has been visiting the beach a few times daily and now it watches fireworks! When I first got it it used to have a little flower garden...has this happened to anyone else?