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  1. I don't follow any of them, so I wouldn't know what they act like normally. I don't know which thingy Taylor won for, and I don't know if she deserved it. I don't know what video Kanye was talking about, and I don't know if it's "one of the best evar." I just have no idea. So me going from that video ONLY: Stars get made fun of all the time. Doesn't matter who you are, but you're going to get bad press. I'm sure there is at least one person out there who thinks taylor swift didn't deserve her award. Prolly a whole lot more. And Kanye can think that Beyonce is better, he can think a donkey can sing better then her, whatever. But for him to go up there on stage and say that right there ON STAGE is... incredibly dumb. One of my friends said it was staged so kanye could get himself publicity, and I don't know. It just seems awfully weird for someone to do something that stupid. But maybe he does things like that all the time. *shrug*
  2. Well, since you already have a boyfriend you shouldn't dump him for no reason, yes? I'd hardly count that as choosing one over the other.
  3. I always think I'll be too scared to disect things, but no way, I go in there ripping and cutting and slashing to get the job done. It's fun. I've done a squid, a frog, and several owl pellets, which are fun. I love picking up the bones and stuff. Bones are cool. When I was in Alaska, we came across a skeleton from a wolf that had been killed (naturally.) What did they do? The national park people gave the wolf to a science class and they took all the meat off and put the skeleton back together. I watched a movie on it. It was by far one of the coolest things I've ever seen. And if I actually could be able to do that myself? Awesome.
  4. I hug my parents every day. I get along with them alright, which makes my life a lot easier. Most people my age don't think anything their parents say has any merit or value but I think I've learned a lot from talking to them. I don't like hugging my friends for no reason, but I don't have a "don't touch me" policy. If I've had a friend over at my house, I'll hug them before they leave, and things like that.
  5. Cheetos, but all the cheetos they sell at our school are the nasty spicy kind. I do not like those one bit. I'll settle with most chips, but if you give me a choice I'll choose those for sure :] I really love funyons, but I don't even know if those are potato-y D: My friend was at my house and she got this super extreme craving for funyons (at the time I had never eaten them) so we went to the store, not hugely far away but kinda far if you're walking without company just to get them. On the way, I gave her the idea (it was a joke about how when she was pregnant she would scream "I WANT FUNYONS! AND PICKLES! AND BARBEQUE SAUCE!) and suddenly she wanted funyons AND barbeque sauce. We couldn't find any barbeque sauce so we went back to my house and ate the whole bag, regretting that we didn't buy two. After that we sat for a long time and just smelled the bag.. xD
  6. You actually don't need to be 18 to see mature content, just the pieces that have been marked as so. (There's a mature content "warning" as well.) I don't see why it's such a huge problem. If you don't talk to your friends about it, it shouldn't be a problem, right? I don't understand exactly why you don't want them to find you have it either. I have people IRL who I'd much like to keep away from mine, but I'd like them to keep away from anything that has to do with me. If I had a myspace/facebook, I wouldn't want them to see that either. dA is fine, and you know what? If you don't like it, who cares, it's free. You're not going to say "aww, shucks, that was a waste of my money" because you don't have to pay any money. Just try it out, nobody's forcing you to stay.
  7. Sure. If there are lots of things around with a lot of different colors, I will put them in rainbow order, such as pens or rulers or paper. I will also eat skittles and other candy or colorful things so that there is only one color left, or one color at a time, etc. I don't really have any other habits that would be considered strange or unusual..
  8. You got detention for something someone else did to you. That's just grand >__> It sounds like with her continually annoying you, you've asked her to stop annoying you a couple of times? Teachers are people too, they make mistakes, and they miss things. In this situation, I would probably say "Well, you really should believe me, because I'm the one getting in trouble, and you're letting her get away." Maybe you can write said teacher a letter, stating what you think is wrong and how you feel that the teacher has been favoriting this girl. If that doesn't work out, you can always ask for a seat change. Teachers don't have to believe that girl is bothering you, but if you can't focus you can't focus.
  9. Uh, creepy person who follows people to their houses. They have a tendency to make fun of others- but you have enough right there. "Lol locky458 can't rinse out glasses" "Well that's what you get for stalking me, you creep." I don't know what horrors your school may contain, but where I come from it really isn't okay to like.. stalk people. The route I like to follow is "get away from me." :] I'm pretty sure there really isn't some sort of "talk it out" (eg, hey you really hurt my feelings for trying to come to my house and demanding I get you stuff) way to go. This person was deliberately trying to invade your bubble, and you don't take those people seriously, because you know they're not being serious.
  10. No, I don't really like how long they are. They look okay, just not on my feet. They're also pretty expensive for shoes that you can't do PE in. I wouldn't mind having a pair, but I don't think they'd have to be converse. Most shoes are nicer then the ones I have (very old, very beat up tennis shoes.)
  11. My great grandfather fought in world war II loading bombs into planes. I think that's pretty cool.
  12. Fair enough, though I would just slap your sister upside the head.
  13. It seems to me like she was snooping on you, not you saying bad things about her. Everything you said is entirely reasonable. It also seems to be that's the kind of thing that makes you not like her :] One of the things in life you have to do is deal with people you don't like around you. It isn't easy, but the people you don't like are never going to go away. There will just be different people you don't like. I think the way to handle the situation is to be as formal as possible while making minimal contact. It's a bit hard for me to explain.. If she starts yelling at you and going on about how mean you are, say something like "please stop yelling. You're really quite loud." Even if you're not calm, pretend you are. That kind of thing will really confuse people as to what to do. No matter what she says, if you can do the same sort of thing ("I really think you should calm down, if you say so, that's nice, etc) people aren't going to see any reason for her constant bickering. That's what I would do, anyway.
  14. It's easy to whine about TV shows you don't like. I don't like this, this is dumb, I HATE THIS, why does this even exist? it's so bad, this is bad, that's bad, this is all terrible, this entire channel doesn't cater to my specific tastes therefore it cannot have any merit whatsoever.. Well you know what? There are infinate ways to express how much you don't like something. There's enough time in the world to express how much you don't like something (there always is.) There are enough things in the world people don't like. How hard is it to not talk about something that you don't like? The reason I don't like people going on and on about shows that I hardly like disney channel either. But guess what! I haven't watched, or even crossed it with my remote, in over two years. It's not hard to avoid. And I think people shouldn't waste their time complaining about something that isn't hard to avoid. I'm not saying nobody should complain about anything, but something so petty as television shows? They're not jumping out of the screen and mauling you and they aren't giving you homework or popping your bicycle tires or melting your ice cream or spitting in your face or telling you to do your chores! They're television shows! [end bawww] I can't really think of any shows that annoy me. After all, if they DO annoy me, I go do something else.
  15. I bring my ipod and my phone to school. My ipod for walking to and from school (it isn't a long walk, but it's nice) and the phone for when I need to go places after school (it's much more coordinated) and if my friends need to borrow it. We're allowed to have phones before and after school, and I don't like talking on the phone much anyway, so that isn't a problem, and although we're not supposed to have mp3s at any time a lot of people still bring them. Hardly anyone uses them during breaks anyways. Our breaks are short and there's no reason to use them.