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  1. Well really it isent random to get ifferent tama characters. Toddlers I think they maybe random(not sure) but teens and adults are not random because if you look after it good you will most likely get a good tama if you look after it ok maybe a kuchipatchi? Last if you look after it poorly you will get a not so good tama! ~.:PrincessDejz:.
  2. WOW, you have the TamaKing on your tama! Its defiantly him! Wow thats a really cool glitch to have! Or maybe its not a glitch... but who cares you have the TamaKing on your tama! ~.:PrincessDejz:.
  3. A chest can do many things! 1. Turn you tama into an old timer* 2.Give you points 3.Give you a compact mirror *It dosent just turn you into an oldtimer but it stuffs up your tama! Theres defiantly more but i cant think of them soz ~.:PrincessDejz:.
  4. Yea what pyonchit said! There are 30 different ones so they are not on order scroll through em all and you should find them! ~.:PrincessDejz:.
  5. Yea defiantly a fake. On E-bay they should clearly lable thats its a fake. Its not fair to sell people fakes.
  6. Well depending on your tama its age changes differently. I dont mean the console i mean the characters. Once i had a goxurotchi and it took two days for it to become 5years. It just depends on the tama! ~.:PrincessDejz:.
  7. Lol the same happened to me! It was really disturbing but hten i relised it was thanksgiving! Don't think my tama wanted to be friends with it because he just stood there like o_O ~.:PrincessDejz:.
  8. Yea they really should update it but theres no more room on the sovaniers list for more prizes! But it still would be fun! I like the movies my fav movie is the race 1! Muahahahaha over confident gozarutchi heheheh!
  9. Connect with another tamagotchi the opposite gender to yours thats over 5 years old! Has 2 be higher than v1 though
  10. Ohhh this happened to my friend Mae! Your friends list is 2 full! Mae had to delete a person of the friends list! The only reason mine wasent full 2 is because i deleted my enamies tamas of the list Muahahaha...now that i think they r my enamies not da tamas ohhh!
  11. Imaghine if Tamas could have babys with the same gender as it...OMG THATS SO WRONG!!!!!
  12. Could it possible be a paparatchi mixed with a glitch? I know that sounded pretty wierd but i spose its possible really anything is possible on Tamas. Try to borrow another camera. Maybe even a camera phone or somethin? ~.:Princessdejz:.
  13. Oppsie! Im sory i thought u ment kuchipatchi-> Ummmm I dont know anyothers and i cant find them on google or anything really sorry! ~.:PrincessDejz:.
  14. All i know is you get a kuchipatchi by treating it about average because its the best of the worst tamas! Ill look up some more in fo for u now!
  15. Thnx Tom its the second time youv helped me 2 day ~.:PrincessDejz:.