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  1. I'm not sure exactly what V4.5 Growth Chart you are looking at - unfortunately some are inaccurate and based entirely on the UraTama growth charts - its seems things are different for the V4.5. From what I can see - if you have a Daiyatchi, and you get most points in Spiritual you can get either a UraKuchipatchi or UraTogetchi (and it wouldn't surprise me if you could also get a Matsuritchi in the right circumstances )
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  5. The topic is similar, but one refers to stage whilst the other age. Its probably good to always look before posting a new topic to see if there are similar ones that have already been posted. This topic is however posted in the wrong forum, so moved to Whats on Your Mind?
  6. The adult tama is old enough to leave its baby once it has been with the baby for over 24 hours. HOWEVER - it ONLY leaves the baby at midnight. If your tama has been with the baby for over 24 hours and you're impatient - set the time to 11.59PM , wait a minute, and then you will see the parent leave. Then you can set the time to when your adult character normally wakes up - and then you'll have a baby waiting to be named. Just remember that the parent ONLY leaves at midnight AFTER it has been with its baby for 24 hours
  7. I agree. Every time I have set the clock to 10.29AM - I have got mail rather than the matchmaker at 10.30AM- even when my adult character is old enough to get the matchmaker. I must admit I haven't done it enough to say she NEVER comes at 10.30AM - but at least with my V4 Jinsei - to date I have NEVER seen her at 10.30AM.
  8. Nice - did you compile the information ALL by yourself or did get some of that info elsewhere?
  9. I just experienced that exact glitch on my V4 Jinsei except my screen didn't go blank - it just froze. I had to reset/download. The matchmaker contnued to bring the same mate - so I had to keep refusing. Eventually she bought herself (an Otokitchi) as the mnate. My tama was bought in Australia - these tamas were released a number of months after the first tamas were released overseas. GK1
  10. In my experience I have found CARE (with regard to the happy/hungry hearts) being the key to getting gozarutchi/masktchi. Bad care (eg ignoring the attention light when it has come on due to happy/hungry hearts on a few occasions) seems to result in gozarutchis/masktchis. Low skill points (less than 30/perhaps 40) but reasonable care seems to result in pyonkotchis/pyontitchis. I haven't quite figured out debatchi and hanatchi - but I have gotten debatchi a number of times with poor care and low skill points (possibly not as poor care as gozarutchis/masktchis). There may well be other ways of getting them GK1
  11. The forum seems to be working fine for me. Are you actually trying to view a particular topic? It may perhaps have been deleted. What is the link you are trying to use?
  12. The matchmaker on the V4 only appears for a very short time - seconds in fact - so she is very easily missed. But try setting the time to 2.59 or 6.59pm and wait a minute as jaz! suggested. Interestingly I found that when I have set the time to 10.29am and waited a minute - I've actually gotten mail instead of the matchmaker, even when my tama was old enough for the matchmaker. GK1
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  17. Great - but I don't think you worked this out all by yourself. Perhaps you should remember to give credit to whom/where you got your information from GK1
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  21. Just checked them at home - debatchi definitely likes pear, dislikes pasta.
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