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  1. That's what happens if your friendship levels in the red. Go to that characters town and go to the Plaza (top option). If you meet the character your red with then they propose to you. Top answer is yes, middle is no and the bottom is to think about it. I've done this each time I'm an adult and am now on 7th gen without ever buying a ring.
  2. You don't need to connect to another m!x/station for Melody Land or Spacey Land. On the third Generation go into the Garden during the day to unlock Melody/after 7pm for Spacey.
  3. Have you been connecting both your Tamas prior to Mermaid Palace unlocking? People have set you need to connect to three different m!x's (or reset one 3 times whilst connecting another to it each time). Did you do this? Do you only have two m!x's and have unlocked the palace on each?
  4. The Sailor Moon Inner Senshi would be awesome (although they'd probably just look like the Aikatsu sprites). Also, celeb wise, a few J-Pop singers would be cool: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu seems sort of obvious, but KuuChanTchi and Ayutchi would be somewhat awesome.
  5. During the Christmas period (Unsure of the exact dates) you can buy a Turkey and a Cake.
  6. There's 3 unlockable Icon backgrounds in the P's not related to pierces. They unlock when you raise a certain number of inbuilt characters to Tamatomo level: YumeKira Icon: 7 TamaTomo Shooting Stars Icon: 18 TamaTomo Balloon Icon: 25 TamaTomo
  7. The ribbon one comes after raising 7 characters to TamaTomo level. More Info* I've run a P's since posting in that thread and the YumeKira one definitely is 7.
  8. Yeah, aswell as being aged 6 the DT has to have been an adult 25 unpaused hours for Date Place to open. That's why it didn't open just by cheating the age.
  9. I don't think you can collect all the jewellery. Theres 48 pieces in the shop and you can get a further 6 by raising different adults. The last 6 pieces though I think are only obtainable via the in-store kiosks that never got released. So as YURIA★CHARMAINE said, you need to bump/text to unlock the other game.
  10. Yeah, their weird times. Date Place should open for you within 4 hours then
  11. There doesn't seem to be a time the bumps reset. I think they automatically refill after a certain amount of sleep. I'm not sure exactly how long but know for sure they don't reset at an exact time. This would mean theres no way of cheating it unfortunately. However if you use all the bumps at, say, 7am you can set the time to when your tama goes to bed and leave it to wake up then you can bump again at 6/7pm.
  12. Their normally just shortened to 'Ketai/Ketais'. Although if an ebay seller doesn't know what exactly it is they have, it can be listed incorrectly. I've seen them sold as 'Japanese v2/v3' before now, but I'd guess that's just based on it being the second Japanese connection and the actual v3 using the Ketai's shell shape.
  13. Their normally just shortened to 'Ketai/Ketais'. Although if an ebay seller doesn't know what exactly it is they have, it can be listed incorrectly.
  14. If a normal Friends aswell as being aged 6 the tama has to have been an adult for 52 hours. If it's a Dream Town Friends as well as being aged 6 the tama has to have been an adult for 25 hours. So, as I can see your aware of the age cheat, has your tama been an adult long enough?
  15. When you've selected that first option on each and the heart screens are showing, are you pressing the 'B' button on one of the tama's to make the connection?