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  1. Don't talk to her? If she says something, ignore her. If she acts she doesn't need you, why should you need her? Also, if this continues, tell an adult right away.
  2. Thanks! Yeah - I agree, he might not be. But of course I'll give it awhile before I start declaring him as a maine coon. && Thanks for scanning that! I'll look more into this. I want to know what breed he is - and I don't mind if he's not a maine coon; but because the papers said he was, I don't know what else he could be besides tabby or a mix.
  3. Sorry, it's not the best pictures, he's kinda tired from playing all day. :3 But I hope it gives you a general idea. Picture 1 Picture 2 Sorry it took so long. & Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. Of course. I'll get a picture ASAP. *grabs camera*
  5. I would suggest visiting a hair stylist that can be able to turn it into something I'm sure you'll love. If that's not an option at all - you can always try hair accessories to help the bangs look better to you. I'm not sure - because I don't know how short they are or what they look like. But best of luck.
  6. Just yesterday - I went to the kitty adoption place and got a kitty. I am so happy! My only wonder is... is it a maine coon cat? He is a male, and I think he may be 7 weeks old (1 week under age, I believe) But I'm not entirely sure. I've owned a kitty before - so I know how to take care of one. & I have tons of parent help. He looks just like a tabby - but very furry (long fur), there are white tuffs coming out of the ears; and a fluffy chest (right below his neck) I love maine coons; but I was not expecting to get one at all. When I saw this little guy - I thought "He looks like a maine coon..." Then, I looked over at his name and description, and it said he was a maine coon. So, we loved him, and decided to adopt him. On the papers I have it says he is a maine coon - so he might be. I'm not to sure. I've never seen a kitty maine coon (that I know of) except my friend's cat who is 1/4 maine coon or something. I've looked up maine coons - but I cant tell just yet. If you need a picture, please tell me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: Pictures! Picture 1 Picture 2
  7. Simple question, and I need a simple answer. Confuzzling? Well, I've seen on different websites, at the top of the page there will be automatic links, and when you click them, it takes you to that part of the page. Is it possible to do on any website? Can someone please tell me how? I looked on google, but I cant find anything... Thanks!
  8. I hate my avatar but I don't wanna change it yet. XD
  9. Okay, so I'm a tad obsessed with a forum (not tamatalk XD) and I was banned for 5 days! I asked why via-email and it was because I posted on a spam thread! No one else ever gets in trouble for that... I have 3 violation points against me, and if I get 5, I'll be permabanned. I don't want to be permabanned, but with the site's strict rules, I'm becoming afraid to post! It might be easy for you to say "just follow the rules and you'll be fine." I do follow the rules, but some mini-mod reports me for something not fair at all. Am I too obsessed? How can I leave the site and move on with my life? Should I never go on again? What should I do? Thanks.
  10. 14? EDIT: *looks at meddie's signature* ...Oh XD
  11. Yeah, it feels strange when you think that online people could know your personality better then your real friends ever did. It's kinda different when I express myself in real life vs. online.
  12. Yes, I edited it out. I can handle this, I'll talk to some1. a mod can close this
  13. He's a great dad, and I don't want to be fostered! He's really nice and he spoils me, it's only problems when we get in father daughter fights, you know? It's not like every day...
  14. 3 days till my birthday.. Everyone was counting down for my friend's b-day but not mine