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  1. Yeah it just happens when the batteries aren't connected properly to the metal thingy i think. It's happened to my original tamagotchis 2.
  2. I had one old tamagotchi but it got stolen and now I've got a tamagotchi connection. I got it off ebay and I want to get another one when they come out here, but it won't be till late next year I think.
  3. i just looked at my tamagotchi and some dots were coming out of its mouth? Did I just miss it doing something? It took a bath a couple of minutes ago.
  4. mine's having a bath! It's so cute I've never seen it do that before. Today it sang aswell. I really want to see it go to the beach or watch fireworks or something cool like that I have an itchigotchi.
  5. My tama got to jump 29 in the jump game and then I crashed!!!!!! It goes up to 30. I'm so annoyed. My tamagotchi had all these music notes coming onto the screen today..It was dancing aswell. I praised it. Will it do it more often if you praise it? This hasn't been a v interesting post has it???
  6. thanx maybe I wil try 2 gt 1 on ebay they sound cool
  7. Are they friends yet? You need to connect quite a few times i think
  8. All the piccys of tamagotchi connections have the keychains with the lil ball things, but the tama i got had a keychain with a big ring on it and a diff sort of chain. Are lots of tamagotchis like this?
  9. I think that the first tamagotchis used to have plastic carry case things. Did these really exist and does anywhere still sell them? Has anyone ever heard of them?
  10. I bought mine off e-bay coz they don't sell them in my country.
  11. On the instruction sheet, it says: CAUTION: do not aim pet at anyone. Does the infared thing send out signals or something? Why do they have this message?
  12. Hi - I have a Ichigotchi. I've never seen it watch TV, have a bath, go to the beach or anything? It's a tama connection - does it only do it when it's an adult or something? Thanx