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    My tamagotchi is 4 and won't evolve

    give it a little more time! mine turned into an adult at age 5 last time. each tama grows at its own pace! Hope I helped! ~cheezie~
  2. cheezie


    Does anyone know what Bill's base weight is? He just evolved this morning into Bill and he is 34 pounds. Is that normal for a 3 yr old adult? ~cheezie (he lost LOTS of weight last night Jellosgirl!)
  3. cheezie


    Jellosgirl, DUH it happened to you! you were the V4!!! (sorry but I hope this isn't spam!)javascript:emoticon('')
  4. cheezie


    That happened when I was connecting today. Is that a glitch? ~thanks, CHEEZIE :-)
  5. cheezie

    watching tv

    my tama like always does! its really cute!
  6. cheezie

    Have you Ever Had Gozarutchi or Masktchi

    I'm very glad cuz those are bad care!
  7. cheezie

    Tama broken?

    jellosgirl, don't get a v4 because who knows, what if a v4 and a v3 can't connect? or what if they are so advanced that they are too advanced and arn't fun to play with? whatever you chose, I'm ok with it though. ~CHEEZIE (YOU KNOW WHO I AM!)
  8. cheezie


    my tama just turned 1 and I have had him on for over 48 hours! Is that normal?
  9. cheezie


    i think he is of bad care! thats what someone told me!
  10. cheezie


    I want to know because I had him once and I wanna know if he is rare! ~THANKS! ~Cheezie
  11. cheezie

    Has this ever happened to you?

    the matchmaker comes at 6:59, 10:59, and at 2:59. I hope I helped! Best of luck and i hope you don't lose your 15 gens! that would be bad and sad! ~cheezie
  12. cheezie

    i need help

    don't get cought up in the good/bad tama thing. all tamas are good and you should learn to love the one you get! If you think you took good care of it then it is a good one, but if you think you could've done better then it might not be the best! you should be the judge of the one you get! ~cheezie
  13. cheezie


    I want to know because I had him once and want to know if he is rare! ~Thanks! ~Cheezie
  14. cheezie

    Secret Character: Bill

    no because if you look on the character chart on, it shows the secret character ~cheezie
  15. cheezie

    Tamatchi attack! AAAAAAAAH!

    mine has every time too! they are very boreing!