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  1. give it a little more time! mine turned into an adult at age 5 last time. each tama grows at its own pace! Hope I helped! ~cheezie~
  2. Does anyone know what Bill's base weight is? He just evolved this morning into Bill and he is 34 pounds. Is that normal for a 3 yr old adult? ~cheezie (he lost LOTS of weight last night Jellosgirl!)
  3. Jellosgirl, DUH it happened to you! you were the V4!!! (sorry but I hope this isn't spam!)javascript:emoticon('')
  4. That happened when I was connecting today. Is that a glitch? ~thanks, CHEEZIE :-)
  5. my tama like always does! its really cute!
  6. jellosgirl, don't get a v4 because who knows, what if a v4 and a v3 can't connect? or what if they are so advanced that they are too advanced and arn't fun to play with? whatever you chose, I'm ok with it though. ~CHEEZIE (YOU KNOW WHO I AM!)
  7. my tama just turned 1 and I have had him on for over 48 hours! Is that normal?
  8. i think he is of bad care! thats what someone told me!
  9. I want to know because I had him once and I wanna know if he is rare! ~THANKS! ~Cheezie
  10. the matchmaker comes at 6:59, 10:59, and at 2:59. I hope I helped! Best of luck and i hope you don't lose your 15 gens! that would be bad and sad! ~cheezie
  11. don't get cought up in the good/bad tama thing. all tamas are good and you should learn to love the one you get! If you think you took good care of it then it is a good one, but if you think you could've done better then it might not be the best! you should be the judge of the one you get! ~cheezie
  12. I want to know because I had him once and want to know if he is rare! ~Thanks! ~Cheezie
  13. no because if you look on the character chart on, it shows the secret character ~cheezie
  14. mine has every time too! they are very boreing!