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  1. Ok dose any one have a chart or somthing that shows the times and stuff my tama will evolve? v4.5 btw and im confused about how i work the thinggy
  2. I LOVE my V4.5.!!! Ok so He was born at 7:36pm on 11/13/07.! his name is Jorge.! he weighs 66 lbs -Chubby boy.!- He is a todler and hes so cute.! He eats alot and just made his first poopie in the toilet.! im so proud.!! we are playing in tamatown right now.! He falls asleep at 8:00pm Edit!: im Putting him on a diet so he will loose weight.! no more ice cream all the time! :\ right now he is floating around in his room. he seems to be happy.! aww hes dancing.! Hungry:**** Happy:**** NOTE.!:Please reply with incuraging notes.!
  3. It wil eather evolve when it is 3 or when it is 4.! : D
  4. ok So.. i had a tamagotchi for a long time (v2 v3 v4). but then like 4 months ago i decided that i was to busy and i gave mt tama to the girl i babysit.. but now i miss having one but. i dont know if i should git a v4.5 or not.! please tell me its fun because the v4 got kind of boring and i dont want to wast my money.! PLEASE HELP!!
  5. NO.! you can NEVER be too old for tamagotchis.! im 14 and i LOVE them.! i thought i was too old for them and i gave my v4 away and now i miss having one.!
  6. are they relesed in the u.s yet? please Answer me in a pm
  7. i got one befor Christmas and it is not glitcheey i think it depends on how you care for it!
  8. http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r21/isoofyou/doll-1.png
  9. http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r21/isoofyou/doll.png
  10. myne turned into an oldie when it was 9
  11. it happens sometimes my friend has two v3's and one was 31 and a todler and the other one was 30 and a BABY!
  12. my tama evolved today to a and it is 2