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  1. 6/10 - strange.... I Heart ? By Taylor Swift It's an unreleased song so im not sure if you can find it anywhere but on Youtube.
  2. It helps that he is pretty cute too
  3. Has anyone even heard of him? lol.
  4. 9/10 I love that soft color of green, and its not a huge font like mine (thats a good thing)
  5. Who here likes David Archuleta???? I love his voice, its phenomenal for someone his age!He is really sweet too. I think he is going to win American Idol. Who else likes him, or doesn't like him??
  6. TA - My initials... 9394- September 3rd 1994, my birthday.
  7. Teacher: Jimmy... I hope i didn't just see you looking at Toms test. Jimmy: ummm... I hope you didn't see either...
  8. I think people just use texting to do it faster - have you seen how fast people text??? its crazy!!! But I don't like having to figuire out what it says...
  9. I don't know about everyone else, but i want one for when its dark in a room in the day - or the power goes out - or if at night you wanna see what time it is. There is other reasons, just not at the top of my head right now.
  10. Ahhh V5's???? woah that was quick
  11. Ive heard that learning one language makes it easier to learn another? Any person who actually learned two and it was easier?
  12. Im learning Spanish. how about you guys?
  13. me me me ! i have! It scares me to watch it come closer to me...
  14. I like the first thingy, it looks awesome... but maybe don't have the colors be yellow, they are hard to read on the white background (just a tip)