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  1. who remembers the chat room

    never forget

    1. Hapihapitchi


      I do! It was so much fun talking on there, I miss it :(

  2. in the cut eating cinnamon toast crunch

  3. in the cut eating veggie chips

  4. in the cut eating a chicken melt

  5. Like This For A Tbh ☺️😜

  6. Hhhh this song old town road is so funny is like rap and country combined

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. wameed98


      oh my gosh I was on the toilet nd couldn't pee or poop but then I hear old town road and start peeing and poop everywhere from laughter

    3. Eggiweg
    4. Kurb


      hh i'm eating

  7. we are Gamers and we live in a society

    1. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      The most oppressed group of all.

  8. me when I got nothing going on:

    me when I have an assignment due in 1 hour: I Wonder What TamaTalk Is Like Nowadays 🤔

  9. Tbh... I Seen U In The Hallways But Idk U Like That, U Seem Cool Doe 💯

  10. Tbh....... I'm Tryna Get On My Grind Like You Fr ✊🏽 Keep Killing s**t Blood 💯😈

  11. playboi carti - kidcudi* unreleased snippet extended low quality