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    | She isn't a dude -.- lol




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    Sorry but I wanted the story to stay realistic so disregard the last reply from Kajah995.... Sorry
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    It was quiet for 10 seconds... then everybody laughed! Someone asked Kaylee... "Was this your plan?" "Yes." Kaylee replied
  4. You're banned for not spelling you're correctly!
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    Everybody was whispering to each other "Who invited that loser?" "He isnt even wearing a costume!" "Did he think he was cool?". Kaylee told everyone it was part of her... "Plan"
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    "I wanna make it up to you by inviting you to my house on Saturday." Kaylee said while giggling. "...S..ure ill meet you there" Steve said, shy.
  7. No not exactly and I found out that she isnt my moms aunt! She is my grandma's aunt! I have a great grandma and great great aunt!

  8. Chikorita yelled "GIANT GREEN SNAKE!" And ran away.
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    Steve went on Google and typed "How to be popular". He followed all the steps and then went to school the next day. He went over to Kaylee's locker. Wearing blue jeans, rock and roll shirt, messed up hair, he said, "Hi Kaylee" She was drinking water... and she laughed so hard he was all wet and then everyone laughed at him. So he ran home... What happens next?
  10. What does it take to write a good team story anymore? Like mine used to be really good but now people never reply unless its "Nobody wants to do this!". FML.

  11. My moms aunt lives in New Zealand! And no not april fools i'm dead serious.

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    One day Steve was walking at school. Oval glasses, Light jeans, Striped sweater, Hair where it should be, and brown shoes. People were pushing him and calling him the nerdiest dork who ever lived. When he got home he started watching his anime dvd's and wrote star trek fan stories. He realized what he has become... a nerd. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to continue and make up characters! Rules: 1. no innapropriate words or stuff 2. Have fun!

  14. I pre-ordered the 3DS Aqua Blue colour and I cannot wait any longer! Tommorow (March 27 2011) its coming out! I wanna get street fighter and mario kart and super mario 3ds and metal gear and ....
  15. Wow just NOBODY likes my team stories anymore.

  16. Welcome to TamaTalk!

  17. WOO! Tommorow I FINALLY get my 3DS! I have been waiting more than a year for this!

  18. Theatre... or Theater :o

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      i say theatre.. IDK

  19. Three Days Grace, Rise Against, Switchfoot, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Steriogram.. whattabout u?

  20. Im not sure xD

  21. Pacman was a ghost buster

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  22. Can ya go on tamachat? :)

  23. lol you need to get back on!