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  1. Search chao tips or see videos of people evolving or mating them. P.S This thread is in my siggy. ^.^
  2. Anyone have any chao? I LOVE chao And I know lots about them. I have some on my game. Also you can tell eachother about your chao,post their stats,species,what hat they are wearing and more. Just call it chaochat. XD
  3. I like shoyru much better. Especially pirate shoyru!
  4. *moved to tamagotchi logs section*
  5. Baby: Girl teletchi Child: Tamatchi Teen: Patapatatchi Adult: Megatchi Generation: 3
  6. My snakeskin colour V3 Gen:2 Baby: teletchi girl Child: Tamatchi Teen: Hinotamatchi Adult: Pipotchi (Yippee!!)
  7. Advertising website are not allowed. *closed*
  8. 4th gen. Baby:Teletchi girl Child: Tamatchi Teen: Hinotamatchi Adult: Warusotchi
  9. Ok, I like neopets. Its not my favorite site, But it just takes ages getting neopoints. Its ok I guess, but its not the best. Some of the games get me stressed and some I don't know how to play at all.
  10. I think you have to donate a bit at a time. Like this: 2000p 2000p 1000p 2000+2000+1000=5000 Then you should receive your code. Hope I helped.