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  1. my friend bought it but he knew it wasnt a real tamagotchi.
  2. in class, i get scolded because i talk alot and laugh without any reason. im a straight A student though. in the hallways i´m always running and talking loud. luckly, i have never been in the office.
  3. Color: sky blue, red, and black Fav. Food: chocolate and pizza Thing to do: hear music and dance Fav. Drink: soda Evil, nice, or both:both
  4. blue chocolate jaguar and horse basketball and soccer
  5. fav colour: blue fav thing 2 do: be in the internet and talk on the phone fav animal: jaguar
  6. can i have one it can be a horse, a dog, or a jaguar. you chose
  7. im 11 but im turning 12 in 26 days (April 28)
  8. if i were a boy my name should of been hector,cesar, joaquin(not sure how to spell it), or francisco.Im a girl and my two grandmas were fighting. one want my name to be antonia and the other one sofia. my dad want me to be alejandra and my mom dayanara or dayana but my sisters won and the chose a weird name. in fact my sisters and i have weird names too. if you think some of the names are strange it is because my mom´s family and my dad´s family are mexican.
  9. i keep it close. if a keep it open i think someone is watching me.i always keep it close for the same reason.i just cant be in a room with the door opem. im not afraid of the dark but i keep a light on so can see what is around me and i dont like silence so i turn on the radio. my sisters think im strange.
  10. half of the year i live in the usa and the other half in mexico
  11. do you have any suggestions to replace that