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  1. Mirrored For V3: http://henriwatson.com/etc/tama/tamapass_v3.php For V4/V4.5: http://henriwatson.com/etc/tama/tamapass_v4.php This shouldn't ever go down.
  2. Since you are all having trouble i made a program called tamaSetup. You can get it at http://tamasetup.tk/ I hope this helps!
  3. Hi D-Best i found out the V3 password decription a long ti me ago use ing that same mothod. But while decrifering V4 i failed. But anyways here is my FLASH Tamagotchi V3/V4 password gen: http://swf.henriwatson.com/gen/gen.zip PS: You must permit the gen.swf file to access the internet else NO WORKIE. PS: Yes i am tamafan156 on tama-zone.com
  4. Well as a flash developer i can say that undefined = well not defined It looks like tamatown was loading the language files and it failed so it say things like username_txt, pass_up_txt, ect developers do this so that its easyer to recognise the text fields. Hope this helps Tamadude156
  5. I Like them both but here is a meeter on how i like them. Neopets: ||||||| | 20% (Its mainly slow but still fun ) Tamagotchi: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 100%(Its awesome its like haveing your own kid! ) Each "|" Represents some persent. So Tamagotchi rules but i vist neopets every onece in a while.