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  1. its for version 3, sorry! and youre welcome
  2. I recently tried the love potion/honey "cheat" on my masktchi. To obtain the love potion, go to the shop screen. From there, press the 'a' button a few times until the shopkeeper makes a surprised expression. (Press the button about three times). From here, type in BCBC CABA. When you give it to your adult tama, I recommend having another tama that you would like to become partners with around. The first thing you will see are hearts on the tama that you fed the potion to. Then connect with another adult tama. I chose 'visit' for mine. There will be alot of hearts and they will smooch! It is totally adorable. After I used this, both of the tamas were partners, ie. at four hearts.
  3. so silver tama grew up today.. into masktchi! also, my tsunatchi met the matchmaker.
  4. I have tsunotchi too. i think its actually brushing its teeth when it does that because the mug is on the right, but on the left it appears he/she is brushing teeth. kinda cute, huh?
  5. i actually have two v3 tamas right now, one which was a gift. they are generation 1 still, quite new in fact. one is black and the other is silver. black started first. black black tama's username: bork! gen.1 tama's name: ping! boy. so far we are 3 yrs old. toddler: mizutamatchi teen: piroriroritchi adult (we just grew up this morning!): tsunatchi! silver silver tama's username: kraab gen.1 tama's name: porka girl. so far we are 1 yr. toddler: teletchi teen: (currently) piroriroritchi