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  1. i can burp automatically too! i think that would be cute to see a 5 year old burp!
  2. i had a kuchipatchi once. you can't let the hearts go down past 2, play lots of games, and spend lots of time with it. hope i helped!
  3. i have three v3's. their names are: girl: ruby boy: ace boy: spade aren't they awesome?!
  4. it reminds me of the fire fox pokemon vulpix! CUTE!!!
  5. i'm so sorry your sick! hope you feel better!
  6. look, clearly this girl is very imature and everyone that believes her. this girl needs help and prayer, ecspecially if she makes out with her own brother. the only thing you can really do is pray about these things. i'm sorry about what she is doing to you. believe me, prayer works and god cares about you!
  7. i'm in grade 8 and i've never had a boyfriend, but i'll just tell you this, you'll probably end up getting your feelings hurt. boyfriends are probably great and all, but seeing guys hurt my friends really bad made me realize that i don't need a boyfriend. yeah, i have a crush. but i' m not worried about that right now. i'm just going to wait for the one god has for me! look chances are if you go out with him right now, you will ruin your friendship. if you do go out with him and things don't work out, don't worry their is some great guy out there for everyone! (every girl that is)
  8. i have three! girl don't let the hearts go below 1 3 g name:ruby nikatchi boy same as the first one 1 g name:ace nikatchi boy same as first 1 g name:spade nikatchi
  9. that and a whole lot of other stuff happened to mine, and it won't go back!
  10. how adorable! that is so sweet for our tamas to celebrate our birthdays!
  11. yesterday i had to put a new battery in my v3 because the battery was low. my tama just had a baby, but when i put the new battery in the mom disappeared and two babys were on the screen! then after they went to bed the baby turned back into a mom. when they woke up they were hungry so i went to feed them and under the meal list it only had 3 items listed and under the snacks it was 5 balls, a wig, and a doll and a then when i went to wrap a present it said i had 99 balls! and when i went to trash the balls they wouldn't go away!!! can somebody please tell me what is going on here?
  12. no, thank you for making this site! it's really helped me out!
  13. you have to buy it online. i forgot the name of the site, but when i find it i'll let you know!
  14. yeah i've got both of the passwords right here! pen-63532 86367 clone-32479 91490 i hope i helped!
  15. i'm sorry but what they did was wrong!!!! who would do something like that?! i don't care if somebody doesn't like it. just because they don't like it doesn't mean they should disrespect bandi and all tama luverz!
  16. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wish i could've got one! even if i didn't get one i still luvz mine!
  17. minez hatched Dec-18-06! gender:girl herz name iz angel!
  18. minez hatched Dec-18-06! gender:girl herz name iz angel!