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  1. maybe it didn't help maybe it dosn't workall the time but try downloading
  2. um..... plz can some people reply and HELP! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. put your your conetion thing on stand by but don't put it on jinsei and it should work
  4. my tamagotchi v4 i driving me mad its a teenager and its 0 and its still going to pre school what can i do. and.... IT EATS ITS POO! IT LOOKS LIKE THIS
  5. no i now when i see it it was standing on the left of it and started eating it!
  6. my tamagotchi v3 it was playing with the blocks and when it finshed playing it and it ate it has it happened to you?
  7. my tamagotchi is this and it fell in the toilet (not the whole tama just the charecter) has it happerd to you please reply what shall i do
  8. you buy the the ticets in the shop and go on you item press it and you should she a airoplane and it will come back with a password.
  9. put the light off pm me if you want
  10. huh? i don't get it you lost all of your hearts you should feed it and i don't now anything about job thing pm me if you want tezywezy
  11. please vote because im stuck plese everybody im real stuck it will be great if you do
  12. my tama keeps passing away and even if its a baby or a teenager or a adult it comes up in the granparents and thecode dosn't come up when i keep pressing the buttons why does it do that by the way has any one got a nintendo if so say cause i need help!!!!!!! how do you use picto chat on nintendo and how to talk to somone!!!!!! on main menu pm me if you want tezywezy PLEASE HELP LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!! HELP A BOUT THE NINTENDO ASWELL!!!!!!
  13. make sure that its not 4 faces make sure its hearts and the love potion you have got to do several times
  14. on my v2 it was this thing and when i put the cape on it it changed into oyajitchi what happerned