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    I enjoy collecting tamagotchis and getting good charaecters!! <br><br> info about me!!<br> Age:11<br> Gender:male<br> tama types:v3,v4,v4.5<br> current tamas:Memetchi,Mimitchi Ura-Farwatchi

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  1. mimitchi1234

    how do u get the family to bond in V5?

    Thanx Binary :D:D:D:D :mimithichi:1234
  2. mimitchi1234

    how do u get the family to bond in V5?

    I tried that like 10 times it doesn't work!!!
  3. I tried everything!! i can't get them to bond! how do you do it????? :mimitchi:1234
  4. mimitchi1234

    Worst dreams ever

    I don't think i've ever had a night mare. and im 11. Wow!!
  5. mimitchi1234

    scary stories

  6. mimitchi1234

    scary stories

    Hi. For some reason, i like to read scary stories, so if u hav a scary story, plz share it! It can be about a personal experience, or just a story u heard. I'll start u off.... Once upon a time there was a girl named Tamy.One night when she was in bed, she heard a vioce,"Tamy, I'm on the stairs..." She was so frighten that she couldn't move. The voice contiued,"Tamy, im on the fist step""now the second!!" She tried to scream, but she was frozen with fear. "I'm on the last step!" "I'm going down the hall.." "I'm right by your room..." Tamy was so frightend, she could feel her heart racing."I'm right by your bed!" Now I've got ya!!!!" Tamy screamed as loud as she could.Her father came rushing in "What's wrong?!" he asked. "Their's someone in the room!!" Her farther searched everywhere but found nothing...... THE END [/size][/size]
  7. mimitchi1234

    Who's your favorite video game character?

    my favorite is Boo from Mario party
  8. Hey!! one other ?, wats ur favorite version of tamagotchi???
  9. mimitchi1234


    ya, like she said, if it's a V4, just upgrade intelligance(pencil)and you'll hav mimitchi in no time!!!!! P.S.i dont think young mimitchi is young mimitchi in V4.5 P.S.S. trust me,when i just got my new v4, it turned into a mimitchi!!
  10. mimitchi1234

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

    I have pokemon diamond.I have real strong poke mon like lvl 80+. I also weaker ones though.
  11. mimitchi1234

    poor kitten

    That's sad. I lost a kitten cause it ran away. it was hard for me.But it eventualy came back.What happened to yours? And if it helps try taking your mind off of it.
  12. mimitchi1234

    What is your fav Pokemon? It can be more than one.

    I know!! I own ALL the Tamagotchis AND ALL the Pokemon games!!!! :(
  13. mimitchi1234

    What is your fav Pokemon? It can be more than one.

    I think I left some out. Like I said I like Pikachu,Piplup,Pichu,Ditto,Buneary,Shaymin,Shinx,Starvia,Evee,Minum,and Plusel :( I know it's alot,But not as much as ::HappyTama::!! I LOVE pokemon!!!
  14. mimitchi1234

    What is your fav Pokemon? It can be more than one.

    Mine are Pikachu,Pilup,Buneary,Pichu,Ditto,Shaymin,Shinx,and Starvia :P
  15. mimitchi1234

    Wii Games

    I own Mario Party 8!! It's real fun!!! I like to Boo because he's cool!! :P