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  1. my tama transformed into a mimitchi from a hinatchi.. is a mimitchi a good character or a bad?
  2. i need the v3 character chart. i cant seam to find it . can anyone help ?
  3. well i went to school and left my tama home , unpaused. so i called my dad at lunch and told him to pause it. and where my tama had a baby, he left her today and my dad said something with names and stuff come up, and dumb him just pressed ' c ' and now thats her name. is there anyway i can change it ?!
  4. thanks for the help people. but my tamas had a baby now !! im so happy. its a baby girl now gen2 !!
  5. My tamas had a baby girl !!! FINALLY !! im so excited. whats going to happen now ?
  6. both of my tamas[v3s] are 4 years old and they have 4 hearts, i was connecting them all today. how long does it take to make an egg ? im very curious ! please reply !! ,, thanks !
  7. i didnt even know tamas could go to school !! what kind of tama do u have, v3?
  8. My other tama just grew into a memetchi. and the other is a leaftchi. they have 4 hearts. now how do i mate them to make babies!? i dont know how. can someone explain ? memetchi is 3 and leaftchi is 4
  9. GOT HER BACK !! i reseted it and pressed download and she came back ! yay. it was a leaftchi and i didnt wanna lose her !
  10. i was going through my presents. and my tama just froze. nothings working !! what can i do !
  11. one of my tamas wont accept any passwords..or shop codes. i want the ' clone ' password, but eveytime i type it in it says ' error ' but it worked on my other tama. is there something wrong with it ??
  12. my tama wont let me recieve presents. when i go the the connection[iR] or something i go to ver.3, and when i go to press present... it says ' sorry !! list full ' but yet again i have nothing cause i used it all. no passwords or shop codes would even work on my tama. whats wrong with it !!!!!
  13. i left my tamagotchis on all night.. and when i looked at one, it was a Leaftchi !!! i was S0 happy !! its something i really wanted. i hope the other one turns out to be a Debatchi!
  14. by the way... i hope everyone had a good christmas and got what they wanted !!.. i did ! merry christmas, and have a happy new year everyone !