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  1. I go onto the edit homepage link and there are no ways to change, no buttons or anything! Help!
  2. ...or put some different games there or something
  3. i guess this gotchi station is like the tickets in the ura/entama
  4. when that happens, you press "A" to choose a new job. Press "C" if you want to keep your old one.
  5. yes, but they are too expensive! the Zafara Trivia is what i need!
  6. got zukyutchi at the moment... will tell when he sleeps/wakes up in the morning
  7. i don't know how to get higher levels...
  8. i need zafara trivia but in all the market places it is 4000+ and i only have 2000. Does anyone have one they are willing to trade?
  9. I have about 2000+ plus, and in a way it is helpful as i can get soup :]
  10. less often but i got a fire mote and two books
  11. That happened to mine too! It is so strange!
  12. I think when this happens, the next time your brothers connects with yours, his will do the babies thing
  13. in the instructions it says you will get a job @ 5 but you get it 24 hours after it changes