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  1. do you leave it on like a counter or something or do you take it evertwhere you go?
  2. can a v2 give a v3 a present thats out of the v2's inventory
  3. yes there in canada i have one and i bought it at wal-mart when they first got them
  4. where do you get the plane tickets?
  5. no its not windows 98 and i have sympatico
  6. i just got my v3 and now tamatown,, and every other site that includes tamas won't work tamatown just stays at a blue screen won't fully load along with the bandai site!what do i do!?
  7. what is the rare costume because it dosen't look like a mimitchi
  8. everyday i go on tama town and today i just got my v3 to day and tamatown isn't working )=
  9. i can't buy things from ebay thats why i want to know when they come out in canada
  10. when are v3 comeing out in canada???
  11. does anyone know when thw v3 are coming out?
  12. um my tama got the matchmaker as a teenager is this normal?
  13. Tamagotchi's Name:taffy Tamagotchi's Age:2 Date of Birth:nov.10 Date of Passing:nov.16 What Generation?2 Your Comments:this is a memorial for taffy my friends tama who was sat on cracked and had to be trown out
  14. you select it then press the middle button.......