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  1. Hello everyone! I have'nt written in this log for ages! Just to let you know, I shall create a new one tomorrow, so I hope you will read that one! Thanks! Baby Pink
  2. You are very most welcome. Click here.<---It shows you the jobs are the little symbols next to it are the points most needed to get that job. Hope I helped.
  3. That's what the problem probably is. This happened to me, so I played more games to gain points, and got a [!] letter the next day, and got a job. I hope this works for you.
  4. Mine never has. But, l never experience Lol.
  5. Your welcome, I'm really glad it worked. Uh-oh, bring in the new battery! Lol.
  6. If you want Intellectual points, play the shape or mimic game. If you want artist points, play the dance or jumping rope game. If you want social points, play the flag game. I hope this helps.
  7. Your welcome, I'm glad to help. Tell me if it works.
  8. It really depends what age your Tamagotchi evolves into an adult, because after 24 hours they will get a [!] letter.
  9. All Tamagotchi's get a job 24 hours of being an adult. My Tamagotchi was 4 at this time.
  10. Did you say you tryed to erase the pencil marks and it didn't work? Try erasing them again, but not too hard, because if you do, your Tamagotchi will stay debugged forever. Good luck and be careful.
  11. Don't worry. This always happens to me. My Tamagotchi was born last Saturday and in around 4 days it was only 2. It's absolutley noting to worry about. Maybe it is weird growth patterns, or a minor glitch. I hope I helped.
  12. You aren't allowed to advertise on TamaTalk, however, you are more than welcome to put that link in your signature, just don't advertise it on boards.
  13. Any where really. As long as they are the right ones, it doesn't matter where you buy them.
  14. It means that your Tama didn't like the taco, but loved the cupcake. It's normal, nothing to worry about.
  15. Wow! 460 views! That's great. Thanks everyone.