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  1. hi, this is suddenly out of nowhere for sure. I've had this account for 12 years, apparently. I was 8 years old when I created this account. I'm now turning 20 this year. absolutely wild. anyways, just though I'd post about that. crazy how time flies, isn't it?
  2. Nintendogs is soooooo cute! I have 2 games of it. Best friends and lab and friends. I CANT HELP THAT GAME! WHEN I PLAY PIANO IT SITS ON THE TOP OF MY PIANO. ALMOST ALL OF MY ACCOUNT NAMES ARE NINNDOGG! O better check on my nintendogs, o their fine. if anyone needs help ask me. IM A MASTER AT THE GAME
  3. MY friends tamagotchi has like 78 balls and 4 things that are pixelated in her items list. even her FOOD is in her items list. Her tama started to do this yesterday. Her tama kept turning of so she had to turn it on by hitting it. My theory is she was hitting it to hard(on her bike and the floor). I can probably fix it if somone had this. -Thanks, Ninndogg
  4. Tamagotchi's Name:Maddy Tamagotchi's Age:4 Date of Birth: March 1st 2006 Date of Passing: April 5th What Generation? 1 Your Comments: I posted this for my friend. She is not allowed on a computer. She was my buddy. Maddy died because it got sick and pooing. She coudnt find her tama so...she really misses Maddy. my friend is sitting next to me right now giving me the information about Maddy bye bye Maddy!
  5. Tamagotchi's Name: Tama Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: Dec. 2004 Date of Passing: Don't remember What Generation? 6 Your Comments: I really miss Tama. He was a Maskitchi . He died when I was at school and my tama was in my cubby. Along came 2 girls (I was outside. My friend told me ) and took it! they restarted the WHOLE THING!! they named it a dumb name, Jasmi. I WAS SO MAD!! I knew becaus after recess i saw MY tama on the girls neck! I told grandma (the supervisor for recess) and then she says is this yours and i said yes! she did not hear me and she held it up sayind who is this? I said YES! thats mine! well she said nowone owns this so they get it. So I was so sad that i did not want to go in my classroom. So i sat in the office doing my work and then the girls were so nice that they gave it to my friend to give it to that girl. So i got my tama back, but NOW my data is gone. I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU TAMA!!
  6. Tamagotchi's Name: Qick Tamagotchi's Age: 4 Date of Birth: i dont know Date of Passing: thursday 16 of march What Generation? 1 Your Comments: i really miss qick!
  7. My bro dropped it in my dogs water bowl and it had a long freaky beep! < <
  8. yeah, but its tamagotchi connection V1. but tamas are battery powerd so....
  9. Ok, today my bro was playing his V1 and then the screen faded. The screen was blank and every time he hit the bottom of the tama the egg would be in the middle()and then it would fade! My bro thought for a sec (even though he is 6!) he took the back cover of and it was beeping like crazy. He loosend the battery a little. An egg appeard. It worked! The tamagotchi (my bro gave to me but I gave it back as a present) was very old. My bro got it when he was five. Has anyone had this Thanks