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  1. lol first reply... don't feel lonely... but mine hatched yesterday lol
  2. Before you lock this, tell me how long an average v3-4 tamagotchi lasts! quick!
  3. you must have a cheeaaap one... cuz the ones on amazon like are 10-20 bucks.... are you sure you have a real modern tamagotchi?
  4. WHAT??? only 2-3 months??? don't you mean years?
  5. How long does the tamagotchi v4 batter usually last? If you have a v3 you can tell me how long that lasts because it should be about the same. Also, could anyone tell me the best online source to get v4 tamagotchis?
  6. Yeah i know, i just wasn't sure whether they still had the old features... thanks!
  7. My aunt said she would by me and my little sister both tamagotchis. However, I am having trouble deciding whether i should get a v3 or v4 one! V4 seems to have a ton more features, but does it still have all the ones from v3? If you have only played v3 before you can still tell me how its like. And if you have only played v4 i want to know ever more what thats like!