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  1. found this place again! this was the first forum I ever signed up to, in 2006, time really flies.

    I was never a very active poster here, but I did lurk a lot. vv weird to be back. I recently graduated from university and haven't had time for tamas in many years, hoping to maybe start up with them again. probably just one or two max, I tried to keep one alive recently and failed miserably... I can't believe that 10 years ago or so I was able to keep multiple tamagotchi alive at once, and even get the best characters¬†ūüė≠¬†totally crazy


    1. fidgetTama


      Congratulations on graduating uni! 

      Don't worry about not being able to keep one alive... it's just practice to get back into the swing of things lol! :lol:

  2. I can't believe I've had this account for 8 years

  3. REMEMBERED MY PASSWORD....... it's been 2 years. hello tamatalk.

    1. Flare.exe
    2. superstar_128


      Thank you! This is more a brief visit, though. Just thought I'd check in as it's been forever!

  4. Oh god. Everything is so different.

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      And it's about to change MORE!!!

    2. Agent_Nami
  5. I haven't really been on here very much... I'm on twitter and tumblr more.

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    2. superstar_128

      superstar_128 :)


      What's yours?

    3. +[ b r u t a l ]+

      +[ b r u t a l ]+

      waitwhut. I've been following you for like a month now and I didn't even know it was you. |'D


      Mine's ^_^

    4. superstar_128


      Hehe, I've been following you for quite a while too!

      Your blog is gorgeous :)


  6. UK to win Eurovision 2011 :D

  7. UK to win Eurovision 2011 :D



      We sort of failed, to be honest. We got beaten by Jedward xD

    2. superstar_128
  8. How are you?

    I haven't been on chat for AAGGES because of exams :'( I miss it!

  9. How are you?

    I haven't been on chat for AAGGES because of exams :'( I miss it!

  10. So, what do you think of the site so far? :D

  11. Your very welcome :)

    and thankyou :D

  12. Jadine :D

    I like your new pic :)

    Your super prettyyy :D

  13. Hey :)

    Thanks for the add :D

  14. I love your background :D

  15. Thankyou :D

    I like your background too!~


  16. Kates dress is gorgeous

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    2. mudkipchi


      I missed the wedding all i saw was the dancing police man


    3. superstar_128
    4. superstar_128
  17. Royal Wedding tomorrow~ Street party tiiimmmeee :D



      Ah, I know, right? I mean, I am not the monarchy's biggest fan but Will and Kate are so adorable <3

    2. superstar_128


      Yes I think they are so good together :D

      Tomorrow should be fun :)

  18. Roman candles?

    LOLOL~ mean! xD (they probably deserved it :P)

    well, Im glad to hear they aren't bothering you anymore :)

  19. Hey! :D

    Are those stalkers still annoying you? xD

  20. Going to watch 'The Wizard of Oz~ The Musical' on wednesdat :D ASDFGHJKJHGF so excited- I /uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" />