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    Hey yall! <br>this is pretty much what i like:<br> Soccer-I love soccer! It is so much fun!!! So is the competidveness : D lol. <br> <br>My Friends-OMG! i LOVE ALL if my friends!They mean so much to me !I've been through crap this year, and one of my friends have been with me thourgh those times,...MOLLY! I absolutly LOVE molly! At the beging of the year, are teacher called us the "Olly sisters", so thats wat we go by.<br> <br>Webkinz- I love Webkinz! I have 8! and hoping to get my 9th one soon.<br><br>Singing- I love to sing, its like a gate way to a hole new world! And out of this one,..that sometimes gets alittle over wheliming! My all time favorite song is Breath and this is one of my favorite parts,.. : <br>"But you cant jump the tracks, there like cars on a cable<br>and live's like and hour glass glued to the table<br>No one can find mary wine, but girls, just cradle your head in your hands and breath, just breath, ooh breath, just breath,....."<br>And of course this song from Wicked:<br>"So if you care to find me, look toward the western sky! <br>as someone told me latly, everyone deserves a cance to FLY!<br>and if im flying solo, atleast i'm flying free!<br>To those who ground me take a message bake from me!!....."

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  1. Ew... zero Sorry i dont like lip gloss Twilight
  2. Yea, i can see were your coming from. I had to force myself to read through, but after that, it was pretty good :] I encourage you to keep reading
  3. I thought it was really good. It's kinda weird, but if you read into it then it gets a lot better :]
  4. I'm not done with the 1rst chapter yet :] I'll put some of it one here though, and see how yall like it :] Chapter 1 “Wake up April! You’re going to be late for your plane!” I rolled unwillingly to look at my clock. Four thirty-five. Great. I closed my eyes again. Hoping the dream would come back to me. It had been so, so real! The boy looked, his hand felt, so real! And the yellow dragon in the background…well, if that’s not real, then I don’t know what is. And the wind in my hair!! “April! Don’t make m- . …. Your sisters come up and get you!” That’s my dad. He is the only parent we have in this house now. You see, my mom passed away a couple years ago. She was driving home from work one late, dark, rainy night. It had rained for three days straight. The roads were slick as ice. While she was in the hospital, before she died, she told me she saw some strange, big figures up in the sky. The figure was larger than a football field. It was bright yellow, and its tail was as long as three school buses combined. The creatures feet were ten times as big as my hands, and with long pointy claws. When it took a breath, smoke blew out of his nose. She saw a boy, about my age (at the time I was fourteen) was ridding it. She had said he didn’t get a real good look at him, but she could tell he was pale as ice. She took her last, dying breath took my hand and said “Look for them April! Look for the pale eyed beauties!” With that, her heart stopped I live in a small a town in Japan. My dad is at a marine base here. I went to a private Christian school. My mom was Japanese, so I’m half Asian, and half white. Were I live, they believe in a group of people called the “Dragon Riders”. No one has actually ever seen them, so it kind of like a myth. You know, what little kids believe in. Like in some places, especially in the US, they believe in UFO’s. My dad didn’t talk about my mom much. But my sister and I both know he misses her. I’ve seen him cry over her picture. I have a younger sister named August. She was five when my mom died. She’s tall for her age, like I was. She was long black hair that goes to about her waist. “April!! Don’t make me come up there! Do you want to go to America or not?” No. I don’t want to go to America. I don’t want to leave my family. I don’t want to leave my fr- …. Well never mind. My dad is shipping me off to America. He hates when I say that, but it’s true. Cause I don’t want to go. And for the rest of my high school years!! Away from everything I know and love! I heard him talking to the people I’m staying with on the phone. He told them “I think April needs a break from here. She swears what Maggie said was real. About the dragon rider stuff. And staying here isn’t helping her not believe it.” So he doesn’t believe my mom, or me. He told them later that she must have hit her head or something. “I’m coming dad.” I always spoke in Japanese. I’d lived here all my life, I’ve visited America a couple times, you know, just to visit family. My mom used to speak it all the time, as I did. My dad did, from time to time, and August just loved speaking English. “It’s the most beautiful language ever!!” She would tell me. “April, you know I tell you to use English!! You know it! You really need to practice it!!” Ugh. “Come Appie!! It’s not that bad!!” That’s August nickname for me. Appie. “Fine dad! I’m coming!” I spoke that in clear English. I got my bags (Which wasn’t but three suit cases) swept my room one last time, to see if I could find anything I needed, that I had forgotten to pack. Thin I ran down the stairs. My dad and august meet at the door. August already had tears in her eyes. My dad got two of my bags, and I carried the other. August grabbed my hand. We started driving away from my house, the only place I had ever known. It was scary, the fact that I was going someplace I couldn’t even find on a map. Some town called Boiling Springs. It’s in North Carolina. I was going to go live with some relatives. I had never known about them till a couple months ago, when my dad told me I was going to go. There are the…the Dills I think. There only distantly related, by marriage or something. They had three kids, Zane, Wade and Madison. The man and woman’s name was Heather and David. It was dark out, so I didn’t really get a good last look at everything. That’s ok though, it might make me cry. We arrived at the airport, well it was really the marines airport, you know, like a privet one. I had a flying license (I also had a really license, gun license, and a motorcycle license), but my dad said it was too far, so a woman that worked for him was flying with me. Her name was Dorris. She was very tall, she reminded me of my mom in many ways. August was crying harder now, her little arms wrapped tightly around my waste. “No dad! She can’t leave!! She just can’t!” Her voice had jumped two octaves saying that. She was sobbing, saying my name. “No No NOO!! Appie! Appie!” I rubbed and patted her head “You know I don’t want to go August. You know that” I whispered to her. Dad was staring at me, misery in his eyes. I no he hated to see me leave, but of course he thought it was best. “Be a good girl for daddy. Do you hear me August? You look after him.” I rubbed her back thin pried her fingers off my waste, and just held her hand. We walked over to where Dorris and My dad were standing. “You ready for your trip April?” Dorris smiled big at me. She had been like a 2nd mom after what happened. When she said that, a small whimper came out of Augusts’ mouth. I tried to smile down at her, but that smile just turned out to be grimace. I said my goodbyes. My goodbye to my dad was short. I was kind of mad at him. “Bye dad, see you, when I see you.” I didn’t even get to come home for any of the holidays. Life sucked. “Love you April. Truly I do. I did this...” For the better. “I know dad. For the better.”I said cutting him off. He had repeated that to me so many times I had gotten sick of the word better. Eh. “G-good b-b-bye April” My sister was sobbing so hard, she was shaking violently. I let my guard fall just thin, water gushing out of my eyes. I dropped my suite case, and gathered her in my arms. She might be annoying as heck, but she is my sister, and I love her. She layed her head on my chest, and I layed mine on top of hers. I rocked us back and forth for a minute. “I love you August, don’t forget that. I’ll always be in your heart, even if miles keep us apart.” I took the locket that I had gotten when I was five. It had a picture of my mom and me in it. “August, I want you to keep this for me. Can you do that for me? Can you keep it safe for me?” August looked at me wide-eyed, and just nodded her head. I truly grinned at her this time. I hugged her one more time, and whipped my eyes. “Ok I’m ready.” I picked up my bag, and put it in the helicopter. It was a small little thing. But it looked very new. It had black leather seats, and thin a little bed in the back. It would take a couple days to get to New York City, New York. There, I would get on a plane going to Virginia. In Virginia, I would go to a car dealer, and buy the car of my choice. Once I did that, I would drive to North Carolina. All together, about a three day trip, if Dorris hurried. I climbed in, and looked one last look at my family. My dad had one single tear going down his pale face (it was pale from the moonlight shining on it). At that moment, I wasn’t as mad at him as I had been. I blew a kiss to him, and mouthed I love you. Thin I looked at August, who had my – now her – locket around her neck. She had big, fat, soft ball seized tears rolling down her face. She waved at me, then ran over to dad and buried her face into his shirt. It was about six when we left the airport. “You must be very tired, waking up so early. Get some sleep.” Dorris had told me. So I took out my i-pod, went to the little bed in the back, and got some needed sleep. *Here is were April is having a dream* “Hello. Nice to see you again.” It was the same guy from my last night’s dream. From the dreams that had started ever since my mom had died. We were sitting nowhere, just black surrounding us .How is this the same boy? Have I been dreaming the same thing? “Hello.” I answered back to him. “I hate that your dad woke you up so early this morning, we were having such a nice time.” What? How did he know that my dad woke me up? “Um, what?” I was so confused. “How did you know that my dad woke me up this morning?” Then before he could answer, I asked another one that had been bugging me. “Are you real? And If you are, then how come I see you in my dreams?” Those were some of the many questions I had for him. It took him a minute. He leaned forward, and stared deep into my eyes, like he was searching for something. It looked like he didn’t find what he needed, because he sighed, and leaned away me. “I don’t know why I can only see you in my dreams. And yes, I am real. But I knew you dad woke you up because I herd him.” This stunned me a little. “I was sad when you left me though. I got really bored.” He winked at me. I just stared at him. I still didn’t know how I could dream of the same person every night. And…was he real? I mean, he said he was, but I don’t really know if he’s telling the truth. Was he just a figure of my imagination? “Are...are you dreaming to?” I asked in a small voice. This was all so confusing, I was just dreaming, but….it seemed so weird. But I thought maybe, if he was dreaming, we were dreaming of the same thing. But, no. That thought was stupid. But he hesitated, looking into my eyes again. “No, I’m not asleep.” Oh, well, I’m still confused. “So, you are just part of my imagination thin?” This was so stupid. Of course he wasn’t real. I was just dreaming, and was having a very, very odd conversation. “No, April I’m real.” He looked like he was telling the truth. My heart thuddered . “I don’t belive you. How could you be real?” He sighed. He came to sit right beside of me. He took my hands in between his, and stared into my eyes. “April, it seems we have a very odd connection. Every time you start sleeping, it’s like a cell phone goes off in my brain, and somehow, I get put into your head, in your dreams. When you wake up, I’m back where I was standing when I left. I don’t know where my body is when I come here.” He shuddered when he said that. I was crazy. I was going crazy. “How…how does that happen?” He sighed again. He droped my hands, and he put them on either sides of my face. He stared deep into my eyes. “Do you believe in Magic April?” The room started shaking just thin. “April? April, it time to wake up, we’re in London” He sighed and droped his hands. “Looks like that my cue to leave. See you later April.” He got up, and said “Get some sleep soon.”. Thin he vanished. I woke up with Dorris shaking me. “Were in London, let’s go get something to eat.” As she got out, I was suddenly wishing that night would come very soon.
  5. I can see where that is annoying I've seen the movie 3 times I do have 2 shirts (One's homemade) I have read the book 4 times.......
  6. I've been writing a book for a while, and some of it is on Facebook, so i thought that mabey yall would like some. I'll put the Preface on here first Preface One word went through my mind that night by the sea, the moon shine shinning down on our faces. Dragons. This tall, pale, blue-eyed boy sitting beside me would take me into the world that accepted me. Into a world, that would change my life…forever. Ok :] and heres a summary i wrote about it Summary : April is an 17 year old girl who lives in a military base in Japan. Her mom died when she was 14, because she sees something in the sky. Were April lives in Japan, they belive in the Dragon Riders. A group that fly's on dragons. Aprils mom swears she sees them, and tells April to go and find them as her dieing wish. Her dad dosent belive her, so she sends her to a small town in North Carolina. ((Can you guess what that place is?!?!?!)) When she comes to north Carolina, she lives with a family called the Dillards. April meets a boy who will change her live...forever
  7. Ok so i have seen TONS (Well, actually only a couple) About twilight And theres none about "The Host" I thought it was really good, so you tell me what you think :]
  8. I'm sorry but i do got to say Twilight :] And i dont like Edward. I like Jasper
  9. How can you hate it? Please tell me. Because i really dont see how you can.
  10. Team edward all the way! I want to "La Push" Jacob off a rock :/