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  1. Hey guys this is Hinotchi saying that I finally am leaving the tama world bye bye I'll miss you all
  2. still can't find my tama's!!!
  3. thanks I can't find my tama's
  4. sorry I haven't posted in a while yesterday that matchmaker came for Nick and he married a cute little Mimitchi so he had a baby girl and he left her and I named her Emmy so Arya has to have a baby the matchmaker and Roran evolved into a........ Hawaikotchi!
  5. He turned evil he looked at his family tree and ripped it up.... Please continue
  6. Well Roran is a Mitzumatchi so I'm aiming for Simastashi and Nick and Arya are in love but I'm not going to mate them till they're oldies so that I can have the secret character! more later
  7. yeah I know that anyways sorry I haven't posted in a while I was just so busy at work and stuff I had to keep my tama's paused so Arya is a Maskatchi Brom died so Roran is a Tsubutchi adn Nick still a Togetchi! more later
  8. ended up getting caught by a robber so she was gagged and taken to the robbers house then.......
  9. Well Nick got a job as a firefighter so that's cool the mini game for that is so easy more later
  10. Well not much happening Brom and Arya are still teens and Nick has gotten 6 job offering and still he doesn't have one more later
  11. Well sorry I haen't posted latley but Ruby and Kara died so now I have Brom and Arya. Brom is a Obotchi and Arya is a Young Memetchi also Nick evolved into a Togetchi just like Hug was it brings back sorrow filled memories!
  12. Was going to be alright but he had to stay away from Dililah but that was impossible so they decided to put Dililah up for adoption so they took her to the adoption agency while she was asleep as they kissed her goodbye forever Bliss fell to the ground breathing heavily and clutching her chest Adam called the hospital and they said she is poisioned and the only place to cure it is in Ellesmera. So he set off with Bliss to Ellesmera P.S Sam is with a babysitter
  13. Well not much happening Cyann still hasn't left Nick and Ruby and Kara are good ao more later
  14. Well not much happening they are all still asleep but last night Cyann got the matchmaker again even thought she had Nick by her side maybe it was a glitch bu I pushed the b button anyways and she brought me a Tsubutchi as Cyann's mate it was scary and then It said love and I said no well more later
  15. cool idea or maybe Nick cause she had a baby boy today also Ruby evolved into a Ringotchi and Pepsi's girl is named Kara since Ruby was taken oh yeah Kara is a Mohitamatchi so I will probably get a yattatchi