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  1. ok i just went to kmart and i got a whole bunch (4 items) of winx club stuff on sale (strictley collector items lol) i got the musa magical minis for 3dollars and i got amore pixie magic and i got lockette pixie magic they were on sale for 499 i cant wait till the enchantix dolls come out im gonna buy them all then stare at them for hours on end the enchantix dolls are so pretty lol
  2. ill get a pic of her as my avvie/icon
  3. her nam is miss faragonda
  4. ok for those of you who like the winx club and are behind on season 3 layla was the first to get her enchantix and then stella and for more stuff i found a site they now have enchantix DOLLS they r so pretty heres the site.......Winx Updates for 2007
  5. my hair isnt long long but not short short and its originally like dark brown and then i died it and somehow it turned out blonde underneath and light brown on top and whe it gets longer it like waves off 2 one side
  6. go to amazon they have like all tamas
  7. huh.......... why is my brothers giga pet like dead XD
  8. i have one sittinig rite in front of me *.*
  9. thats wierd what version is it?
  10. cuz it likes green Why did Oprah get hit by a car? (it was in drake and josh >.<)
  11. yea that should be rite cuz theres like zillions here in wisconsin