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    Tamagotchi of course! I also collect My Little Pony, mostly the G1s, but generally all generations from Hasbro.<br>I also have my 1 rat, my 3 cats and I enjoy collecting various 80s toys aswell as selling and trading. My main interests are My Little Pony, Monchhichis and Transformers :D

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  1. That is funny though, you should mention this type of Tamagotchi I happen to be the lucky owner of a handful of the fake Tamagotchis that flooded eBay last year, 2 of these haven't got any other characters but what seems to be the one you're describing - that's hilarious really and those fakies are crazy to play with Anyways, every Tama is a challenge so just keep your chin high and play with your character until you can get another one
  2. Oh thank you so very much! Thank you! It's been killing me, LOL, I was so annoyed I couldn't get it to work! I'll try as soon as I can, thanks again!
  3. I'm having problems with connecting my Tamas aswell, I have a V2 and V3 going but they won't connect to eachother. I've done as someone on this thread stated, but it just says 'Failed' or something. I thought they were supposed to be able to connect, eventhough they're not alike?
  4. But I hadn't typed all 5 codes yet... I hadn't gotten the love potion at that point Ah well, I'm probably wrong Thanks a bunch and thanks for replying! Holiday Wishes! ~ Malenetchi, Denmark
  5. I have my V2 Tama going and was typing in the 5 shop codes. I believe they're the official cheat codes? I was typing in BCBACABA to get the love potion, but I think I BCBACABC because I didn't get that... I got a costume that said RARE, it looks like a Mametchi-costume If anyone have a V2 going and would like to try that code at the shop, that'd be cool Of course my Tamas have gone to sleep now, so I don't know for sure if the code works, but I'm pretty sure I typed C in the end. Are there anymore secret shop codes other than the 5 known? Happy Holidays! ~ Malenetchi, Denmark.