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    I'm Mametchi_411. Well of course I am. <br><br>Send me PM's if you'd like. My message box has been dusty for a while now. Then again, I wouldn't blame anyone. I don't come here much. <br><br>If you'd like to still keep in contact with me, here's some info:<br><br>My Blog-<br><br>Forums I Go On- <br>I'm Flappy9807/MilenaFlower on that forum. Jeez what a mouthful.<br><br><br>TTYL,<br> Mametchi

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  1. Mine's like an inch above my shoulder. I dun like hair cuts .
  2. No, I don't... Mainly cuz I'm not in high school. But I do get yelled at a lot for talking.
  3. I ate really good cookies...before that...two donuts. I'm so unhealthy. Dx Dx Dx
  4. Chicken Soup for the Dog's Soul. Touching stories. Ug, like some others, when Dumbledore died, I couldn't help myself.
  5. Cheesy Phrases I hate it when they say something like "sheepily" (i spelled that wrong most likely). It's so cheesy.
  6. Dried Guava. Before that, Clodhoppers. (dried guava sounds gross, but its not. it doesnt look good either, but it is)
  7. Oh lord. I am a total nature lover freak. However, paper is really useful. I would say yes, but only if they use it wisely, and more are planted. We don't need anymore harm in this world.
  8. My mom luvs that place. She gets all over obsessed and screams "Waffle House!" I like McDonald Snack Wraps. Yumm
  9. Everyone's related . Haha I'm just kidding...kinda. I'm not related to anyone famous.
  10. Uh well I've read Twlight...and I guess we both love that signature. About me...hmm...I'm pretty crazy!
  11. Skittles. I made it tied 18-18. I love M&M's, but Skittles have really good fruit flavors. Luv it!
  12. Well personally, I don't really like cheese. At my school everyone gasps when I say that. Dx Dx Dx