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  1. Woo, Makiko! I have had kuromametchi (something like that) and now have makiko. This is a mere fluke, but it's ok with me! So for future plans, I am hoping for that wonderful Meme family!!
  2. Yeh, it is just an idea. But there are many possibilities that in future something similar might be able to be made! So yeh, for now let's carry on dreaming!
  3. I feel like crying!!! Once again the time was set wrong and when they evolved it wasn't even great! I have Watatchi uhyotchi lovezukintchi I think I can change one of them by using an item, Well I am off to check that out. Cya later people!!!
  4. You can't train version 4's as they do not have a bonding percent meter. However you can discipline them, but I don't know what time's that comes, I think it is random. Normally for these reasons you need to praise or discipline: Toothache Crying Lack of attention
  5. Sorry but like said before, BanDai doesn't accept fan suggestions as it has something to do with legal issues. But it would of been cool!
  6. I actually got a PM recently asking what generation I am on, so just to help remind you guys, I'm on Generation 17!!! Hee-Hee
  7. Well then maybe it should be random! I just thought of another idea! Maybe there could be a voting poll on a BanDai website and you can vote on some of the features for the actual tamagotchi! Sound better???
  8. Fair point, maybe there should be something at the start, as soon as you pull the tab from the Tamagotchi, you can choose what size your Tamagotchi could be! Maybe 1 character - 4 or 5, depends on the amount of pixels and room ect... Thanks for the reply!
  9. Hiya there! The tamagotchi's are absolutley fine and yesss they evolved; Ichigotchi Bomb??? -something like that! Shelltchi They don't seem towards the Meme side but hopefully they will evolve better in time. Bonding is going fine aswell, maybe needs a little bit moe work though! Well, gotsta' go!
  10. I thought the more characters the better, I wonder why you would prefer two characters???
  11. Sounds like a nice phone! I totally agree with you that now-a-day technology is very advanced so this should be ok to make, but then again if they don't want it too big maybe thats what will stop them. I also thought about the cost as people may complain about this, but again on the other hand I thought if it is the *Ultimate Tamagotchi!* then I am sure it would be a good collectors item aswell as a wide variety of tama's all rolled into one! I would totally buy it aswell!
  12. It's getting along now! Bonding percent a lovely 40% and they are still likkle' tods'. Well, they woke me up this morning and I could of killed the little bugger! But I suppose they got even because I sometimes wake them in the middle of their rest. Well, gotta' pop off!
  13. You either like her or you don't. Personally, I think it is just another show for kids and teens and I don't mind it, but I only like it in small chunks, I can't watch the show over and over, it would be like an overdose of Hannah Montanna! Lol
  14. Wow you lot are careful, I suppose I am clumsy and I drop mine quite often. Although suprisingly I don't have many scratches on my actual tamagotchi only a few unnoticable one's on the screen.