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  1. the game is very easy, but i'd prefer fast, even though it's still not that hard haha
  2. I know it's just the LCD that cracked, and it's not broken pixels. My problem is that I need to know if I can just get a new LCD locally and have someone fix it in a store, instead of shipping it to bandai, because there is no bandai in the philippines
  3. what do you think would be more expensive? ship it to bandai or buy a new one? a new v3 would cost about US$20 here, but I'm not sure about how much if I just let bandai fix it
  4. bandai america only accepts tamas from america and canada.... and i live kinda far from there
  5. ............ :(:(:( can't i just let some pro fix it? instead of bandai? i don't think there's a bandai company here, where i live
  6. it's not like i threw it on the floor. there was a strap, it was about 4 feet above the floor and it just dropped but it did drop on tiles... in macdonalds... hahahahaha i'm sorry, but is it really not fixable???
  7. I dropped my tama screen-first on the floor. I think the inside screen cracked, but not the outside (the plastic-ish screen)... so now there's kinda like an eye-shaped black hole on my screen, can i still fix it? my tama still works, it's still moving eating and everything. fully functioning, it's just that i can't see more than half of my screen, because some parts are destroyed, and the other one has a black hole. can i change the screen only? i don't care if it resets, i just want to fix it i can't even tell my parents cuz they'll get super mad is it just like an LCD screen or something? thanks in advance to the responses