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  1. oh i know! thank u for feeling for us! we love u for it! japan (or whoever MAKES tamagotchis) must really hate the U.S. for giving us those 3YrOld Toyish colors. i hate em! except the blue camo, those r tite! the best one in the U.S.! i love the auss. ones tho, they look soooooooo good!
  2. as soon as he has his baby, ill be gen.4
  3. blue camo?! you KNOW im buyin that!
  4. Green Camouflage. i like it (i love it, i have 2) because it dosent look like a stupid toy hanging from my purse. it looks like what it is- a virtual friend/baby to take around around with you wherever you go. it looks cool and ive always liked the Camo look, i have 4 outfits (orange, blue, white&black, green) that are Camouflage Fatigue. dont mean to bore ya, but you asked...
  5. yep thats what i mean. we dont just have one admin, but afew.
  6. you know the story on admin. nobody knows his/her gender, age, anything. so i think maybe a bunch of people have the password for the tamatalk administrator and its not one person watching over us, but a bunch. you ever notice his/her vocabulary? sometimes he/she says "kinda, yeah" and words like that and sometimes its words like "kindof, and yes" you ever notice this? P.S its just a thought, dont get mad and stuff...
  7. oh no... ive never experienced this. are you serious? ill watch out for it, and if i see n e thing ill post it here.
  8. i use a really sharp knife... when their not lost, i use my bro's screwdrivers.
  9. there was a girl on here who every single post i made, she would talk mean to me. THATS rude, this might qualify, i dunno....
  10. what type is it? connexion, connection, etc... and apologies to roar the tiger, i mustof read that wrong.
  11. i have: connectionV2s: 2 connections: 3 connnexions: 1 ocean: 1 angel(broken): 1
  12. no. mine is a camouflage and my other is a candied jellybeans. neither of them is clear and mothra is right.
  13. PROBLEM: i have a cell phone, what if its not compatible? its a Sprint PM8200