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  1. i want to send my tama to school but i dont know how. also i want to what the mail is for
  2. it sound like some glitch. this also hapenned to me. so i reset my tama and it worked just fine.
  3. all join buddie!!! i'll pm you for the info on my tamas
  4. you guys can all join!!! MimitchiRulz! i live in utah.
  5. if you get the honey(love potion, also we the code have the for the honey here too in tips and tricks)and use it then connect with another tama while the hearts over your tamas head, hearts will appear on the tama that didn't take a love and they will get married and have twins. also the other tama has to be 7 years old too. HOPE I HELPED SINCERELY, TAMATRAINERRULEZ
  6. you should take care the first generation because the same thing happened to me when i took bad care of my tama on its first generation then it died the second gen. but when i reset it and took good care of the first gen. the 2 gen was badly taken care of and the third generation is here and alive.
  7. he is good depending on how much you like tamas.
  8. you really should play with him or give him a time out(this works the best) but snacks will sometimes work too.
  9. i don't get tamagotchis that have to be. there always directly form the store. and yes it was debugged. and the chraracter was young mametchi
  10. okay, i leave the room for 15 minutes, i come back and my tamagotchi is 73 years old!!! whats weird is i never pause my tama!!!